Finding good construction talent can be difficult, so the last thing you want is for your best employees to leave. Job satisfaction continues to be an issue in many markets, including the construction industry. It is harder than ever to keep employees engaged, happy, and motivated. These secrets of keeping construction talent can help.

Have a Strong Onboarding Process

Some employees can work for a company for months and not feel a connection to the company or the work. One of the keys to retention is making the employee feel a sense of belonging from the first day on the job. A strong onboarding process can help you accomplish this feat. New employees often feel like outsiders, so getting them involved with the team early on is important. Pairing new talent with a mentor can help. Employees are going to spend a lot of time with their coworkers so social integration makes a real difference when it comes to retention. Coworkers need to feel like family, not strangers. A mentor will be able to introduce them to the other employees and help make them more comfortable.

People Don’t Quit Jobs, They Quit Bosses

When we think about retention, we think about what we can do for the new employees. We don’t necessarily think about what affects them indirectly. One of the best ways to improve retention is to invest in management training. People are more likely to put up with a job they don’t like than a boss they don’t like. Many community colleges offer management training, but you can also do it in-house. Employees want to work for a manager they respect and who respects them back. If your current management doesn’t have the trust and respect of their team members, this is a problem.

Highlight Achievement

Everyone wants to feel like they’re doing their job well and contributing positively to an organization. Employees need positive reinforcement. You want to develop a strategy that allows you to provide consistent feedback to employees. This will allow you to communicate to employees what their strengths are and how their work contributes to the company overall. Celebrating achievement can make employees more excited about their work. Even simple things like saying “thank you” can make a difference. But there are other ways of showing appreciation, such as buying lunch or throwing small company parties when a major goal is met.

Encourage Collaboration

While employees care about compensation, they care even more about having a positive work environment. Collaboration is one of the cornerstones of a positive work environment. When co-workers work well together, it creates bonds of trust. Encouraging teamwork can help employees feel more committed to seeing the company succeed and will make them want to stick around.

The construction industry has never been more competitive, so keeping employees satisfied is crucial. They have plenty of other employment options, so if they aren’t happy, there’s nothing preventing them from leaving. Keeping them engaged is the key. And the best way to keep them engaged is to help them feel connected to the company.

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