There is little worse than a company wrought with corporate politics and unsure leadership where there’s a poor working atmosphere and its every person for themselves. Companies should find ways to build a reputation as “the” place to work. Having a positive company culture goes a long way toward reaching that goal. A healthy company culture is dynamic and characterized by an atmosphere of teamwork and encourages employee engagement. There are a number of steps that will help build the positive company culture will attract the best talent.

Leadership Always Sets the Tone

The quality of the leadership team can make or break the company culture just by the way they act. If you have leaders who are indecisive, disorganized or confused, the workers they’re managing will follow suit. Leadership needs to be confident, decisive, transparent and able to encourage the workforce to always do their best.

Clear Lines of Communication

Communication is everything and a leader giving vague or ambiguous instructions is going to get poor results. Employees are only going to be the most effective if the instructions they’re following are clear. Effective communication also works both ways and some of the most innovative ideas originate with an employee who has daily hands-on experience to share with management.

Build an Atmosphere of Teamwork

Everyone likes to feel that they are contributing something meaningful. Developing a spirit of teamwork builds employee confidence and company loyalty because they feel that as an individual they are contributing something important. Encourage an environment of cooperation and collective problem solving over aggressive competition over meeting quotas.

Open Engagement Builds Company Loyalty

Good management encourages employees to share their ideas, express their concerns and offer their thoughts about daily operation. A regular team meeting presents the opportunity to reinforce teamwork through the open exchange of ideas. Engagement builds meaning by giving each employee a feeling that their work really matters and contributes to the greater good of the company. This is what helps create a workforce that feels worthwhile or important and as result you’re developing a greater loyalty to the organization.

Purpose-Driven Environment

Your employees need to have a clear sense of meaningful purpose and they want to understand the long-term goals and visions of the company. A company with a clear purpose will move the workforce forward in achieving goals. When workers feel a genuine purpose to what they’re doing it develops a sustainable company culture within the organization.

Position Based Growth

People like to know that there is the opportunity for advancement within the organization or there’s no motivation to strive for anything greater. This can lead to a skilled labor shortage because the best talent are the ones who want to keep moving forward. If they feel that there is no opportunity for growth or greater financial gain they are more likely to be less engaged or loyal to the company and will always be keeping their eyes open for something better.

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