Even with the skilled labor crisis, construction recruiters will not automatically hire everyone who interviews. You still need to put in the effort and prepare for your interview. Supplement all of the other interview advice you have heard in the past with the following actions 24 hours before your interview.

Get Your Outfit and Bag Ready Before Your Interview

Although it doesn’t have to be 24 hours before your interview, you should lay out your interview outfit and pack your materials at least the night before. This will prevent you from scrambling in the morning to look your best. Preparing your bag ahead of time helps ensure you don’t forget anything important, such as a copy of your resume and/or portfolio.

Make Sure You Know the Location and How to Get There Before the Interview

About 24 hours before the interview, take the time to confirm you know the location it will be at. You also need to confirm that you know how to get there and about how long getting there will take.

This aspect of interview prep helps ensure that you do not arrive late because of getting lost. As you plan how long it will take to get there, don’t forget to account for parking or other tasks, like getting through security.

Don’t just rely on your memory for this information. Write it down, preferably both on paper and in your phone. That way, you will be fine even if you lose a paper copy of your notes.

Practice Before Your Interview

One of the most important steps to preparing for your interview is thinking about how you will answer the most common questions. This helps you avoid awkward “umms” or pauses during the interview. It also helps you seem better prepared and more eloquent. This will impress the construction recruiting team you interview with.

Research the Company and Interviewers

Construction recruiting teams expect interviewees to research the company they’re applying to and at least know the basics about it. This is especially important if you are part of a construction executive search. Knowledge about the company will help you better answer questions about why you want to work there or how you see yourself fitting in with coworkers. Having done some quick research on the interviewers, such as learning about their departments, can help show them that you prepared for the interview. That preparation indicates you are serious about the role.

Prepare Questions to Ask

Another way to show the construction recruiting team that you are serious about your commitment to the job is to come up with questions to ask. These questions will typically show that you researched the company. As a bonus, they let you confirm that the job is right for you and meshes with what you expect.

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