It’s about that time again to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. From exercising more to learning a new skill or hobby, January 1 is known for providing people with new beginnings and opportunities for change. But it’s also one of the busiest months of the year for job searching since it’s when many firms post new construction jobs. January is a good time to review your professional career goals. Start with clarifying your career objectives and considering next steps in your path. There are few things more frustrating than getting stuck in an unfulfilling job. Here are some tips to help map out your career goals.

Leaving vs. Staying

There are plenty of legitimate reasons why people quit their jobs. But there are also times when it makes more sense to stay. For example, it’s possible to like the company culture and people that you work with but still dislike your job. A better alternative to leaving the company would be searching for different positions within the organization. Or perhaps you’ve been doing the same thing for too long and just feel burned out. In most cases, requesting a short leave of absence is a better option before deciding to change careers completely. Some of the most common reasons why people quit are because they aren’t satisfied with their current role, don’t feel supported by their supervisor, or were passed over for a promotion.

Create a Career Map

It’s important to note that not all careers may be suited to your skill set. For example, construction estimators have to be adept at math. Individual career goals have to be realistic, yet still challenging in order to be effective. A career map should always start with your own personal improvement plans. Always work self-improvement into your daily schedule because how you react and think is the only thing that you can control. Don’t focus entirely on long-term plans either. If you’re ready for a managerial role the best path is usually to find small ways to take on some of those responsibilities in your current job to show that you are ready. Concentrate on becoming great at the things that you’re already good at. Who you is about as important as what you know in this industry. Volunteering and going back to school can be viable career steps too.

Dream of the future instead of dwelling in the past when you are setting career goals. Stay optimistic, realistic, and take small actionable steps every day and you’ll chart a course for yourself that is fulfilling.

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