Recent protests in the United States have spurred many contractors to address the important issue of racial inequality. While some have made official statements speaking out against police brutality, others are focusing on improving hiring initiatives aimed at creating more diverse teams. Here are some of the things contractors are doing to combat racial injustice in construction.

Diversity Programs

A lot of contractors have had diversity initiatives for a while, but recent events have compelled these companies to work even harder to create more inclusive work cultures. Currently, only 6% of the construction workforce is African American. Contractors are taking steps to diversify teams by initiating training programs to help accommodate Black and Indigenous people of color (BIPOC), as well as other groups that don’t have fair representation in the industry.

The Benefits of Diversity

Increased diversity in the workplace has many benefits. Companies who have diverse teams have been proven to have higher productivity and better employee engagement. Diverse companies also attract more qualified talent and often see higher retention numbers. In addition, companies with high levels of diversity generally experience increased profits.

The Effect of Diversity on Employees

Diversity can make for more empathetic work environments. When employees know that their differences are valued, they feel more comfortable and more confident. It also shows that the companies values equality and that they want to create a culture that is welcoming to everyone. This improves both hiring and retention objectives. Another benefit is that you have more diverse perspectives on your team, which can positively impact creativity and problem-solving.

Talk Openly about Diversity

It is important to be transparent in your diversity goals. If you and your team don’t talk openly about racial injustice, you won’t know about any concerns they may have related to racial inequality. By being transparent, you will create a more supportive workplace. Employees need to know they will have the support of management if they ever experience harassment or discrimination.

The recent protests surrounding police brutality and racial injustice have led contractors to take a closer look at diversity in the construction workplace. The construction industry has a less diverse workforce than the national average. Contractors are taking steps to attract more diverse job candidates by improving training and increasing anti-discrimination policies. The goal is to create inclusive work cultures that are welcoming, productive, and fair.


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