The majority of successful construction firms all share at least one thing in common. They’ve been able to build teams with several all-stars. But, since the job market is so competitive right now, landing the most talented candidates can be difficult to do on your own. That’s why partnering with the right construction recruiter is essential because of these advantages.


If you want to land the most qualified candidates, then you should ensure that the hiring process is as efficient as possible. Speed is critical based on the fact that some companies will hire a competitive candidate in as little as one day. Hiring managers shouldn’t assume that the candidate will wait for them throughout a slow process. In this market, chances are the majority of your competition is looking to hire the same candidates. Plus, being slow could give the company a bad reputation that can spread around the industry leading to fewer applicants.

Firms can avoid this by following the 24-hour rule. Let candidates know whether you want to move them to the next step in the interviewing process or move on within 24 hours of the interview. Construction leadership shouldn’t be afraid to follow their gut instincts upon interviewing candidates because they won’t know anything more in the foreseeable future that they didn’t gain from an interview. As a matter of fact, memory fades and you may not remember many of the points. Procrastination will result in not only losing momentum, but also failing to keep sight of the best candidates. Construction recruiting efforts focus on providing a streamlined vetting process, so recruiter get to know all about the candidate like what’s their motivation are when they can start, etc.

Clear and Focused Communication

Not providing clear and focused feedback set’s a bad precedent for any company. It often leaves candidates wondering how an organization’s leadership will handle their concerns when they get hired. The recruiting phase is the time for companies to shine by selling their mission to prospective candidates so that they view it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Lack of feedback is #1 reason companies lose great talent.

Recruiters Make it Their #1 Priority

Regardless of the industry, rising to the top takes great people. Average CEOs make the common mistake of waiting for talent until they need it. Great CEOs remain proactive by always looking for talent. Even if you already have a team of all-stars you shouldn’t stop looking. For instance, the Golden State Warriors already had a roster full of talent before offering a contract to free agent Kevin Durrant. The team already had all of their positions filled, but they made room for new talent. Top companies should have a similar mindset so that the most talented candidates aren’t playing for the competition.


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