It takes a great deal of initiative and self-awareness to create a positive work culture. Most successful construction professionals are not looking for an average work environment. Successful construction professionals are looking for a work environment that will bring them satisfaction and keep them excited about coming to work each day. Work culture is especially important in the construction field because the market is so competitive. Here are some tips to create a better work culture for your employees.


Nothing is more important to work culture than good communication. Listening, in particular, matters. Employees want to be heard. They want to feel like their opinions are valued. Generally, employees will put up with many more inconveniences if they feel appreciated. It also helps when managers are approachable. Employees need to feel comfortable asking questions and seeking advice. The first step in creating a great work culture is to improve communication in the workplace.


Employees want to be able to trust and rely on their co-workers and supervisors. Employees want to know team members will deliver on their promises. Distrust is the quickest way to turn a work environment into an inhospitable one. No one wants to know that people are bad mouthing them behind their backs. Trust and reliability greatly improve the workplace on an emotional level and makes everyone feel more comfortable.


Few things are more off putting than a group of people who never take responsibility for their mistakes. To create a work cultures built on accountability, supervisors must lead by example. When something goes wrong and you are at fault, you can’t pass the blame onto someone else. Employees will think this is acceptable behavior, and soon everyone will be finger-pointing. To improve responsibility, make sure goals and expectations are clear. Regular feedback also helps create accountability. In a healthy work culture, people take responsibility for both their achievements and their mistakes.


In the construction field, projects are not done well and on time without persistence and follow-through. Many companies claim to have a great work ethic. They love to list all of their positive attributes. In many cases, it is all talk. A strong work culture will place value on honest hard work and diligence. Every member of the team has to do their part in making each project a success. If some employees slack off, while others put in hours of overtime, it is going to create a level of tension. However, a culture built on work ethic will keep people motivated and focused and improve productivity across the board.

What sets a great work culture apart from the average workplace is communication, hard work, and accountability. Employees who trust their supervisors and coworkers, feel valued, and enjoy the company of their team members are much more likely to stay with a company because they will actually enjoy coming to work each day.

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