If professional sports recruiting can teach us one thing about recruiting talent, it’s that procrastination is often the number one enemy. From the Golden State Warriors to the Houston Astros, there’ve been countless teams in recent years that have succeeded wildly by focusing on recruiting the most talented players on a consistent basis. They were recruiting great talent even though they were already experiencing success (and didn’t “need” new players). Construction firms that share the same philosophy can also succeed just like those teams. Here are some other tips that sports can teach us about recruiting.

Learn More About Your Candidates

As some of the most prominent coaches and recruiters will tell you, the first rule of effective headhunting is getting to know your candidates on a deeper level. According to University of Kentucky Basketball Head Coach John Calipari, if you want the most talented players to choose you over the competition, then you’ll need to learn about their dreams and aspirations. This will show candidates that you’re interested in their long-term success. Successful construction recruiters use specialized techniques to learn what candidates are looking for in a career. The key takeaway is to show them how they can reach their dreams and aspirations, if they stay with your organization for the long run.

Be Honest with Your Candidates

The next concept that can be learned from successful sports franchises is the significance of honesty. Although it can be tempting to lure in the best candidates in using false pretenses, it’s definitely not a recipe for long-term success. Instead, you should remain upfront with potential recruits in an effort to earn their trust, even if it means turning those down that might not be a good fit in your organization. Don’t sacrifice your brand’s reputation just to win over a few candidates that you know will eventually fail in your system.

Show Loyalty to Candidates

A common mistake made by some organizations is that they only value their employees while they’re still working for them. Don’t take it personally if one of your star employees accepts a position somewhere else. It just means that you’ve helped them gain the skills necessary to advance their career. In turn, your brand will follow them, and they will promote you along their professional path. Colleges and universities are always quick to boast the names of former alumni that have gone on to become famous in their careers.

Harness the Power of Social Media

It’s difficult to argue the influence that social media has on society. Not only will it help to boost your brand’s online exposure, but it also provides a convenient platform that can be used to communicate directly with your candidates. You can use it to advertise job openings, showcase current employees and tell the story of why candidates should work for you versus another company.

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