While compensation is a crucial factor, the best in the business often look beyond their paychecks when choosing their next role. So, what exactly are these sought-after non-monetary factors that sway their decisions?

Let’s dig deep.

  1. Company Culture and Work Environment

Every company in the construction domain has its own ethos, work environment, and way of doing things.

Top talents seek:

  • Collaborative Environments: Where they can share ideas, innovate, and get diverse perspectives.

Example: Leading construction firm Turner Construction emphasizes a collaborative and inclusive culture, investing in programs that encourage team building and collective problem-solving.

  • Safety Prioritization: Companies that prioritize worker safety are always a top pick.

Example: Bechtel, a global engineering and construction company, has garnered respect for its ‘Zero Accidents’ philosophy, showing a firm commitment to worker safety.

  1. Project Significance and Legacy

For many professionals, the allure lies in being part of something monumental, a project that will stand as a testament to their efforts.

  • Landmark Projects: Being part of a team that constructs an iconic building or infrastructure is a major draw.

Example: Those who worked on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest structure in the world, carry with them a sense of pride and accomplishment that goes beyond any monetary reward.

  • Sustainable and Green Projects: Modern professionals are often drawn to projects that emphasize sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Example: The Edge in Amsterdam, dubbed the greenest building in the world, attracted professionals keen on pioneering sustainable construction practices. 

  1. Work-Life Balance

In an industry notorious for its demanding hours, especially during project sprints, a company’s commitment to work-life balance becomes a decisive factor.

  • Flexible Hours: Companies that offer flexible timings or consider work shifts can attract top talent.

Example: Skanska, an international construction firm, has been lauded for its approach to flexibility, ensuring that employees can balance their professional commitments with personal priorities.

  1. Opportunities for Skill Enhancement and Growth

Continuous learning is intrinsic to staying ahead in the construction sector, and top talents are always keen on expanding their skill set.

  • Training Programs: Firms that offer regular training sessions, workshops, and courses stand out.

Example: Gilbane Building Company, with its comprehensive ‘Gilbane University’ initiative, offers a range of training programs ensuring its employees stay at the forefront of industry advancements.

  • Career Progression: Clear pathways for advancement and growth within the company are enticing.

Example: Balfour Beatty, a leading infrastructure group, emphasizes transparent career progressions, with mentorship programs to guide professionals at every step.


While a generous paycheck can attract professionals to a role, retaining and truly engaging the crème de la crème of the construction world requires a deeper understanding of their aspirations and values. By focusing on cultivating rich company culture, offering meaningful project opportunities, ensuring a work-life balance, and providing avenues for continuous learning, construction firms can not only attract but also nurture their industry’s best talents.

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