As a construction executive, you work long days and may not have much time left to invest in professional networking. However, we are part of an industry that is competitive and connected. We respect quality and integrity, so as your firm continues to grow, construction networking becomes must become of higher priority.

Carve Some Time Out For Industry Events

Between local and nationwide trade shows and associations meetings, events, and seminars, there are no shortages of opportunities to build new relationships. Aside from the networking opportunities, these ongoing events are an excellent way to remain apprised of industry advances. If your service area is somewhat small, there may also be great value in joining your local Chamber of Commerce to network with local business leaders.

Staying In Touch With Your Sub-Contractors

Every project manager and construction executive have a trusted list of sub-contractors they rely on to do the job. While time is of the essence, nurturing these relationships is essential. Whether you work together frequently or it’s been a while, take the time to shoot over an email and remain engaged with your quality contractors. When contractors arrive on the job site, take the time to make sure they have what they need and follow-up during and after their portion of the project is complete. This keeps the lines of communication open, strengthens your partnership, and supports your goals for networking.

Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn and online networking sites play a valuable role in construction networking. Schedule a calendar reminder once each quarter to invest an hour or so in your online networking. Reach out to contacts you haven’t engaged in a while, but want to ensure stay top of mind. Also, take the time to connect with new colleagues and contacts you have yet to connect with online. Last, invest a few minutes endorsing your contacts for their specialized skills, particularly the ones who have taken the time to endorse you.

Refer Your Connections

Referrals are a cornerstone of our industry. While your primary goal may be to assist your contact in finding the talent or sub-contractor they require, the assistance you provide is an excellent way of networking. Your referral, even if it doesn’t pan out, will be remembered and may open a door for you down the road.

Whether you are searching for new talent, looking for sub-contractors to expand to new service areas, or considering a career change, the time you invest in construction networking can prove invaluable.

When Construction Networking Falls Short

Even with a solid commitment to professional networking, you may not have the contacts you require to fill your open positions or access the gainfully employed top talent you require. When this occurs, The Birmingham Group is here to help. We have access to the largest database of solid construction professionals in the industry and are dedicated to helping you build your dream team. Reach out today to learn more about our strategic approach to staffing.