As some politicians seek to eliminate carbon emissions in the U.S. by 2050, a growing number of construction firms are focusing on sustainable building strategies. The demand for LEED certified buildings, and other green projects, is expected to skyrocket over the next several years to meet global carbon reduction goals. Although supporting the environment is a major benefit of green building that we will discuss in further detail, it also provides many other advantages. Here are some reasons to focus on green building in construction.

Economic Benefits

From improving property values to operating cost savings, the economic benefits of green building can be significant, a reason that continues to drive up client demands. Most building owners investing in LEED projects typically see a 10% increase in asset value combined with 20% lower maintenance costs. Depending upon the location, some green built properties also qualify for grants, tax exemptions, and other incentives for helping to improve the environment. Homes that are built to LEED standards can show a boost in value as well. But the most noteworthy economic benefit of green building might be the millions of construction jobs that it has created, 720,000 jobs in Texas alone, along with adding billions of dollars in GDP around the nation.

Positively Impacts Public Health

Whether working or not, we tend to spend a majority of our time indoors. So, it’s important to promote healthy and comfortable indoor environments, and green buildings are one way to accomplish that. Research even suggests that employees in LEED-certified buildings feel happier, healthier, and more productive. Clean air and natural light help employees to stay focused on their work. Improving indoor air quality through better ventilation and filtration is more important now than ever as schools, hospitals and other places of business try to slow the spread of contagious viruses. 

Reduced Energy Consumption and Waste

The EPA, along with other environmental watchdog groups, have been encouraging the construction industry to reduce its carbon footprint for a long time. Green building is being referred to as an environmental solution because LEED-certified buildings have been proven to cut CO2 emissions, reduce energy and water consumption and divert waste from landfills. Conserving natural resources like water is yet another reason more building owners are opting for green building construction methods.

Industry professionals predict that most building projects will shift to green by 2021 to meet the growing demand. The short-term and long-term investment returns are appealing to building owners along with the environmental and public health benefits discussed here.

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