In many industries, hiring job hoppers has slowly but surely, gone from undesirable to in-demand. However, hiring job hoppers will never be the status quo for the construction industry or other industries where projects take years to complete. As an AEC professional, your multimillion dollar projects require a dedicated team, who will see your project from concept to fruition. So, while job hopping is a recruitment strategy for some, it will never be a reality for your 12 month+ projects.

There Is Simply Too Much On The Line

When recruiting construction executives, retention is always top priority. Sourcing new talent and getting them up to speed costs time and money. Losing a key player on a 7-figure project can have negative ramifications on efficiency, quality, project budget, and risk management. Also on your client retention rate. With so much on the line, actively seeking candidates, who are in it for the long haul and are actively weeding out job hoppers.

You Have Multiple Projects Going At Once

While some industries may utilize job hopping to find the perfect fit for a short-term project, a new niche, or to get a new product or service up and running, your construction firm is juggling many projects at once and bidding on and mapping out contracts you will work on for the next several years. This means you need the same key players in place to ensure the vision you submit in your bid is the one you deliver.

You Also Require Stability From Your Off-Site Staff

The success of any construction project requires a carefully selected team of both on-site and off-site team members. Before your project breaks ground, you have a team working diligently behind the scenes to ensure the quality and integrity of your project. Your executives and your skilled laborers rely on the behind-the-scenes expertise of your Construction Scheduler, BIM experts, Purchasing Team, Accountants, and Project Controllers. Everyone has a valuable role to play, so hiring a job hopper won’t allow you sufficient time to contribute to your team dynamic, and will leave you scrambling to find a replacement with the dedication to stay.

What Industries Is Job Hopping More Suitable?

While tenure is required for the success of your construction firm, there is a time and a place for job hopping. There are industries where short-term employment is sought after, a few of which include: Technology, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, and Investments and Financial Services. This is another reason many companies are open to contract employment, working with freelancers, and even staffing employees seeking downshifted career alternatives.

Risk management, quality, and consistency are essential to the success of any construction firm, meaning a job hopping recruitment strategy just won’t do. Whatever your needs may be, TBG is here to help you build your dream team!