With the current talent shortage in construction, companies want to do their best to attract top candidates. But many construction companies are missing out because of seemingly small mistakes.

Take a closer look at common mistakes in the hiring process. Then confirm that your company doesn’t make these errors and find yourself maximizing your ability to attract top talent.

Poor Employee Reviews

Thanks to today’s digital world, candidates may do a lot of research on your company and decide not to work with you before they even apply. Reviews can be a significant factor in this.

One study found that 92% of Americans use employee reviews to decide whether they even want to apply for a job. In other words, simply having too many negative reviews online can mean that you fail to attract top talent.

Start addressing the issue by looking at your company’s rating on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Then, if the rating is poor, see what you can do to improve it. Your efforts may start with changes within your construction firm, such as compensation or flexible working hours.

Annoying or Time-consuming Application Process

Another common reason that construction companies are missing out on attracting talent is their job application process. If the process of applying for a job is too time-consuming or frustrating, candidates are likely to stop partway through.

See if this is an issue for your firm by going through the steps yourself. Sit down and pretend to fill out the job application. You can also ask recent hires or applicants for feedback on the application process.

Construction Companies Are Missing Out Because of Lack of Growth Opportunities

One of the common reasons construction companies fail to attract talent is if there are not enough growth opportunities. Most construction workers want the chance to expand their skills and advance in their careers. They want internal advancements and training paid for or subsidized by the company.

If an applicant looks at your firm and sees this isn’t possible, they will look for another company where it is.

As a bonus, offering opportunities to develop skills and grow careers will also help with your employee retention.

They Need an Outside Perspective

Sometimes, construction companies are missing out on talent because they need another perspective. Maybe you fail to show how great it is to work at the company. Or make assumptions about candidates’ knowledge of your company.

You can overcome this by working with a recruiter. They will be familiar with your company to some extent, but much less so than you. This means they know what information and insights candidates lack.

As a bonus, recruiters also have plenty of industry insights. They will be able to look at your recruiting strategies and see why you aren’t attracting talent. They can also likely help you reduce turnover.


With the talent shortage, construction companies need to do everything to attract top candidates. The most common reasons firms lack candidates include poorly thought-out application processes and poor employee reviews.

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