Wastewater operators are an often-overlooked career within the general construction industry, but the role is growing in popularity. This career can be profitable and satisfying, but it doesn’t get as much attention as other sectors, such as oil and gas.

There Is a High Demand for Labor

Companies currently have a high demand for wastewater operators.

One major contributor to this is the fact that many operators are retiring. On top of that, more operators are retiring than those who are entering.

It Is a Steady Career, Just Like Oil and Gas

One of the biggest attractions for wastewater operators is that it is a steady career. There is always a demand for wastewater operators, and the industry is growing.

The constant demand for operators also means that this job is recession-proof and has an excellent job outlook, much like oil and gas.

You Can Advance in This Construction Career

There are also plenty of opportunities for advancement within the industry. This includes the ability to get on-the-job training. This is still one of the few industries where you can truly work your way to the top, something that is common among construction roles.

Additionally, once you gain experience as an operator, you can become an independent contractor. This gives you the ability to choose where and when to work. In addition to that flexibility, independent wastewater operators earn a very good income.

You Do Not Need to Follow the Traditional Educational Path

On top of that, you do not necessarily need a formal education. Most management and supervisor roles currently belong to those without college backgrounds. Instead, they have vast experience in water treatment and distribution and a certificate. This makes it an alternative path for those who do not feel that college is a good fit.

Paid Training

In many cases, wastewater operators receive paid training. This benefits both the company and the employee at the same time.

It Is an Important Role

Those who are looking for a purpose in their careers are also drawn to becoming a wastewater operator. This role is crucial, as it ensures that the water leaving the plant does not go past permitted contaminant levels. This is crucial for the plant as well as the community. For the plant, it can mean avoiding thousands of dollars between fines and losses.


There is a high demand for wastewater operators, making this a promising field, even if it is less well-known. It provides opportunities for career growth and a steady job outlook. As such, companies looking to hire wastewater operators need to remain competitive by offering good salaries and benefits. They also typically work with recruiters to get an edge over others looking to fill the role of operators.

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