Those in construction recruiting not only want to find great talent, but they also want to save money during the hiring process. This helps the company’s bottom line and reflects well on their skills as construction recruiters. The following ideas can help save your company money while acquiring talent.

Consider the Cost Per Hire to Save Your Company Money

The first step to saving your company money during talent acquisition is to determine your cost per hire. As the name implies, this is the amount of money that you spend to hire someone. It covers the entire process, from paid job listings to interviewing.

Calculating the cost per hire can accomplish two things. First, you can compare it to the industry average to see how your company stands. As a reference, the average CPH across industries is about $4,129. The other important thing that cost per hire lets you do is track improvements to your recruiting-related spending. If it decreases, you know that you successfully saved your company money during the recruitment.

Update Your Career Portal for Talent Acquisition

One of the most basic talent acquisition strategies is to take a look at your website, specifically your portal for construction careers. You should update the portal regularly with available jobs, so applicants will know the information is accurate and up to date.

You should also make sure it is mobile-friendly. In terms of content, make sure the career portal includes answers to the most common questions potential applicants may have. It should provide an idea of what your company is like.

Consider a List of Reasons

As you create the career portal, consider making a list of reasons people would want to work for your company. This can be particularly helpful for smaller companies that can’t offer the same benefits as larger ones. For the best results, ask current employees for quotes and include those in the list.

Use Social Media to Reduce Talent Acquisition Costs

While posting positions on job boards is a good strategy for recruitment, it is not the only one. More and more, people looking for construction careers check social media. Social media is the more affordable option compared to job boards, and it can have a wider reach. After all, more people visit social media pages than visit the specific job board you choose. Even if you pay for ads on social media, it is still more affordable than paying for job listings.

Rely on Word of Mouth From Employees to Reduce Talent Acquisition Costs

Word of mouth is not only for acquiring new clients, but it is also a great way to find new talent. If you have an open position, ask employees if they can recommend anyone to fill the role. Ask them to spread the word about the job opening to people who may be a good fit. This can save you all of the costs related to posting jobs and finding candidates. Even if you offer the employee a small finder’s fee, it will likely be less than you would have spent on traditional job listings.

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