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Brian Binke
Brian BinkePresident & CEO
(248) 430-1900 View Bio
Ellen Binke
Ellen BinkeCFO
(248) 647-7766View Bio
Lynn Vo
Lynn VoOperations & Research Manager
(248) 430-1882 View Bio
Nikki Aluia
Nikki AluiaPractice Leader
(248) 430-1904 View Bio
Lisa Leffler
Lisa LefflerClient Services Manager
(248) 430-1887 View Bio
Jacob Binke
Jacob BinkeManaging Partner/Practice Leader
(248) 430-1905View Bio
Ashley Griggs
Ashley GriggsPractice Leader
(248) 430-1903 View Bio
Natalie Grimmer
Natalie GrimmerSearch Consultant
(248) 430-1906 View Bio
Julia Valencia
Julia ValenciaSearch Consultant
(248) 430-1892 View Bio
Margarita Frroku
Margarita FrrokuOrganizational & Development Specialist
(248) 430-1901 View Bio
Ron Harris II
Ron Harris IISearch Consultant
(248) 430-1907 View Bio
Jack Rudin
Jack RudinSearch Consultant
(248) 430-1888View Bio