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Attracting top talent is critical for your business and success; happy employees are your most important asset. Now is a pivotal time in construction – the labor shortage continues to hinder many areas of the industry, and companies are forced to look critically at what they can do to attract and retain talent. The construction labor crisis has left many companies struggling to find the qualified talent needed to estimate and manage profitable construction projects. This talent shortage has resulted in many companies scrambling to fill the gap, and to retain the top talent they have already have.

A Strategic Approach to Hiring

Companies must take a strategic and innovative approach to recruiting, staffing, and retention—that focuses not only on the local economy and salaries, but how to make their company attractive from a variety of perspectives. Having a recruiter on your side can make all the difference when it comes to your hiring strategy. It can be very difficult for companies to fill their high-demand positions if they approach it alone.

Why Work with a Recruiter?

The Birmingham Group has been serving the construction industry since 1967. The company’s CEO, Brian Binke took over the firm in 1995 and since that time, he has personally placed in excess of 800 construction managers with general contractors, with revenue ranging from $10 million dollars to the largest ENR 400 companies in the industry. The company’s focus on construction gives us a distinct advantage as market masters in our niche. Our recruiters understand candidates and what motivates them; we know how to get them to open up. Our recruiters know what works, and the candidates we send to our client are qualified and hirable. Our executive search consultants manage the search process and pre-close the candidate, making the entire process seamless.

A History of Success

Brian is an industry innovator, with a specialized skillset in construction. His ability to effectively match and recruit top leaders has led to multiple accolades. He has been consistently recognized in the list of Top 10 Worldwide Billing Owners in Personal Production—across all industries. He is consistently the #1 Worldwide Billing Owner in the construction industry and has been awarded the #1 Billing Owner within the entire network.

“I believe companies are a lot like sports teams. The team with the best players usually wins. It is my passion to deliver the very best talent to my client companies – the market’s top performers, the talent that every company wants to hire but which seldom seems available. To put it simply, I thrive on helping my clients build their Dream Team.”  – Brian Binke, the Birmingham Group.

Our areas of expertise include:

At the Birmingham Group, we place talented construction professionals in a variety of different roles including:

  • Project Manager (Assistant through Senior)
  • Superintendent (Assistant through General)
  • Estimator (Junior through Chief)
  • Project Executive
  • Safety Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Business Development
  • Vice President
  • Preconstruction
  • CFO & Controller 

We Specialize in:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Healthcare Construction
  • Wastewater Construction
  • Military/Federal Construction
  • Heavy Civil Engineering & Construction
  • Concrete Construction
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Multi-Family & Senior Living Construction 
  • Residential Construction

Our Skills and Experience Set Us Apart

Certain skills and experience set exceptional recruiting firms apart from the rest.

  • We specialize in the construction industry and have in-depth knowledge of that market.
  • We understand what motivates candidates and how to get them to open up.
  • We manage the process through the critical phases of the pre-close to make the close a smooth experience for everyone.

We Close the Deal

Our team is proactive instead of reactive, which makes the closing process come together without any disruptions. We’re able to articulate the process and manage expectations on both sides. Our recruiters know how critical it is to have clarity, and be sure that everyone is on the same page during the final phase of the close. Once the offer is ready to accept, all the steps have already been taken so there is no misunderstanding, and everyone knows what to expect. That’s why top construction firms use our services. We have the skills and experience to get top candidates to open up and talk to us, and consider the opportunities that our clients have.

Are you ready to build your dream team?

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