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Remote Onboarding: Now is the Time to Improve Your Process

As construction recruiters and hiring managers continue to maximize the effectiveness of remote onboarding, it’s important to know how it works along with the benefits. A few years ago, many organizations wouldn’t have considered the possibility of hiring candidates without meeting them in person first. But more high-growth companies are quickly realizing [...]

By |2021-01-05T12:25:27-05:00January 7th, 2021|Construction Blog|

COVID Construction Updates: Infection Rate, Vaccine, and Sick Leave

From coronavirus vaccines for construction workers to COVID-19 sick leave, we continue to follow some important updates that construction firm owners need to know. Here are some frequently asked questions and COVID construction updates so you can be prepared for what lies ahead in the New Year. 1. When will construction workers [...]

By |2021-01-05T12:13:46-05:00January 5th, 2021|Construction Blog|

Tips For Setting New Year’s Career Goals

It’s about that time again to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. From exercising more to learning a new skill or hobby, January 1 is known for providing people with new beginnings and opportunities for change. But it’s also one of the busiest months of the year for job searching since it’s [...]

By |2020-12-29T10:59:19-05:00December 31st, 2020|Construction Blog|

Annual Performance Review Alternatives

As the conclusion of 2020 draws near, we’ve seen many new and interesting trends around the construction industry. It’s been a challenging year to say the least, and we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times by sharing industry insights, career advice, current events, and market trends. We’ve covered everything from how [...]

By |2020-12-29T10:53:30-05:00December 29th, 2020|Construction Blog|

How to Foster Resilience in Your Construction Hires

Managing employees through an ongoing crisis is challenging to say the least. Although frontline health workers continue to bear the brunt of fear and anxiety during this pandemic, we’re also seeing it impact employees in construction jobs, and many other professions too. From sleep difficulties to emotional overload, it’s important to promote [...]

By |2020-12-23T12:43:57-05:00December 24th, 2020|Construction Blog|

Construction of Grocery Store and Fast Food Chains Changing Due to COVID-19

From grocery stores to fast food chains, the pandemic continues to change how businesses operate. As more dining rooms are being closed due to COVID-19-related restrictions, a growing number of quick service restaurant construction projects are trending toward streamlined designs to help ensure faster and more accurate drive-thru experiences for customers. In [...]

By |2020-12-22T13:55:06-05:00December 22nd, 2020|Construction Blog|

Important Things You Need to Know About Keeping Your Team Motivated

Keeping employees motivated can be challenging even for good construction leadership. Success is really based on the type of management style that you choose. For instance, if you’re too controlling, then you can alienate your staff. But if you don’t set the right boundaries employees might slack off. Although motivation tends to [...]

By |2020-12-17T09:31:07-05:00December 17th, 2020|Construction Blog|

6 Common Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A job interview is like a first date in that making a good impression count. Yet awkward situations can arise and outcomes are unpredictable. From not knowing what questions you’re going to be asked to meeting new people for the first time, it’s normal to experience some anxiety because there are so [...]

By |2020-12-15T15:20:53-05:00December 15th, 2020|Construction Blog|

Apprenticeships Changing Due to COVID

Technical college education and apprenticeships are two effective ways being used to recruit and train skilled workers for construction jobs. Apprenticeships continue to grow in popularity across the nation because of the benefits they can provide to both employers and employees. From a business standpoint, these programs can lead to a safer [...]

By |2020-12-15T15:20:15-05:00December 10th, 2020|Construction Blog|

How to Make Sure Your Hiring Process Reflects Your Culture

Creating a positive culture is important, especially if you want to attract better candidates for construction careers. Most job seekers vet companies before applying by researching where they stand in the industry. Recruiters stress that you only get one chance to make the right impression on candidates, so make sure that your [...]

By |2020-12-08T09:03:20-05:00December 8th, 2020|Construction Blog|
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