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How to Become a Better Construction Leader

Assertiveness, adaptability, intelligence, and conscientiousness are some of the most important leadership qualities to have in the construction industry. But it’s no coincidence that some of the most successful CEOs in history are also considered to be transformational leaders who value employees and inspire them to achieve their goals. Here are some [...]

By | 2020-10-20T13:01:49-04:00 October 22nd, 2020|Construction Blog|

Best Practices for Onboarding Construction Talent

It’s important to understand the differences between onboarding and orientation. Although orientation is a significant part of the hiring process, onboarding is much more complex because it promotes an emotional connection between employees and your company, while enabling them to become productive team members. Further, an effective onboarding process should accomplish these [...]

By | 2020-10-20T12:51:25-04:00 October 20th, 2020|Construction Blog|

Adaptive Reuse in Commercial Construction

Simply put, adaptive reuse is the process of using land or a building for something different that it was originally intended for. Although developers have used this strategy for decades, it’s been trending recently for a variety of reasons. Below we’ll explore exactly what’s involved in adaptive reuse in commercial construction, why [...]

By | 2020-10-05T16:23:03-04:00 October 15th, 2020|Construction Blog|

How to Improve Your Firm’s Brand

The overall reputation of your firm is based on its primary and employer brand. Although primary branding usually gets the most marketing dollars to sell products, services, etc., today we’re going to focus more on promoting a positive employer brand. If your firm is known as a great place to work, then [...]

By | 2020-10-05T16:07:56-04:00 October 13th, 2020|Construction Blog|

Emerging Tech Roles in Commercial Construction

When we mention the commercial construction industry, most people tend to think primarily of roles such as project manager, estimator, or superintendent. Although these positions are still in demand and rewarding, there are also a growing number of innovative tech positions emerging across the industry that construction recruiters have started hiring for. [...]

By | 2020-10-05T15:59:43-04:00 October 8th, 2020|Construction Blog|

Innovative Construction Solutions Roundup

Good construction leaders are always looking for new solutions that can help jobsites become more efficient, cost-effective, and safer. From speeding up the construction of train tunnels to improving the safety of ladders on jobsites, here is an overview of some of the innovative construction solutions that have been trending around the [...]

By | 2020-10-05T15:11:07-04:00 October 6th, 2020|Construction Blog|

How to Lead Effective Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have become the new norm in construction as leaders need to communicate with their teams in a safe and effective way. Yet running a virtual meeting is distinctly different than leading an in-person meeting because you are in an environment that is harder to control. It’s essential to keep your [...]

By | 2020-09-14T17:57:39-04:00 September 24th, 2020|Construction Blog|

Payroll Tax Deferral: How it Impacts Construction Firms

Last month, President Trump signed an order that will allow employers to defer payroll tax from September 1st to the end of the year. This means some construction professionals will have higher paychecks for the rest of the year. The deferral won’t affect employees who earn more than $4,000 biweekly. At the [...]

By | 2020-09-14T17:38:11-04:00 September 22nd, 2020|Construction Blog|

Take a Break! Why Rest and Renewal Are Still Critical in a Pandemic

Now many construction professionals are working from home, the idea of taking a vacation may seem strange. Meanwhile, a lot of people have opted not to travel during the pandemic. But even if you aren’t going on a destination vacation, it is still crucial to take time off from work and rest. [...]

By | 2020-09-14T17:07:58-04:00 September 17th, 2020|Construction Blog|

How Inclusion Improves Safety and Increases Profits

Good construction leaders are always searching for new ways to improve safety and increase profits. There is a strong connection between promoting inclusive and diverse work environments and improved safety, productivity, and profits. Unfortunately, a recent Construction Dive survey showed that most construction workers have witnessed at least one racist incident while [...]

By | 2020-09-14T17:02:05-04:00 September 15th, 2020|Construction Blog|

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