Finding your dream job in construction is easier with the right connections. From attending networking events to working with a recruiter, we’ve gathered strategies to help you land the perfect job.

Find Volunteer Opportunities

One excellent way to expand your network is to volunteer.

Look for volunteering opportunities related to your construction specialty or construction in general. If you volunteer for construction-related causes, you are likely to find other people in the industry, creating natural connections that will prove helpful in your career.

Use Your Alumni Network

Alumni networks are an incredibly useful tool for any industry, including construction. The only caveat is that not everyone in construction has a traditional college education. But from high school to trade schools, you are likely part of more alumni networks than you realize.

Don’t Overthink It – Just Get Started

Avoid getting paralyzed by the seemingly overwhelming task of networking.

Even just taking a small step will make a difference and give you more confidence to start networking.

Ask for Introductions

A simple way to grow your network is to ask those who are already in it. Asking for introductions to new people is normal in any industry. Just be willing to make introductions in exchange or offer something else of value.

Use LinkedIn Wisely

LinkedIn is an incredibly useful tool for networking in the digital age. Start by completing your LinkedIn profile, then add your professional contacts to your LinkedIn network.

You can also use LinkedIn to look for job opportunities, connect with construction recruiters, and more. There are even useful articles with job search tips.

Be Personal but Concise in Initial Messages

Don’t be afraid to reach out directly to other people in the construction industry on LinkedIn. When you write the first message, keep it short and sweet, but also make it personal. It should ideally be three sentences or less.

Not sure how to make it personal?

Find something you have in common. Did you start your construction careers at the same company? Did you attend the same conference? Finding common ground can be as simple as knowing you’ve participated in the same LinkedIn group.

Talk to Recruiters

Recruiters are another excellent resource that should be part of your network. Networking with recruiters who specialize in construction will prove more valuable, as they are more likely to know about roles that are a good fit for you.

Deepen the Connections You Have

In addition to expanding your network, take the time to deepen your existing network. Quality is just as important, if not more important, than the quantity of connections.

Research Connections Before Meeting

Research makes it easy to form deeper connections. Take a few minutes to learn more about the person before meeting with them. This will also help keep the conversation interesting and enable you to form authentic relationships that add value to your career.

Once you establish network connections, maintain them. You will have to put in some effort to stay in touch, without just relying on LinkedIn. Have the occasional lunch meeting to discuss what’s new in construction. Reach out with useful resources you found.


Forming strong network connections will help you land your dream construction job. With the above tips and resources, you should be on your way to getting that job that advances your construction career.

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