Now is a critical time in commercial construction. The job shortage continues to hinder the industry, and companies are forced to look very critically at what they can do to attract and retain talent. Here are some tips to put you in a strong position to attract top commercial construction talent to your company and keep them there for the long-term.

Differentiate Yourself

What makes your company unique and different? What’s your “wow?” It’s important to set yourself apart from your competition. Determine what’s unique about your company and get that message out into the marketplace.

Get on the Same Page

Use the interview process to get everyone on the same page. Make sure you express your company’s culture and what’s expected of the candidate. Clarity is critical to getting talent on board smoothly. If there is mutual understanding between the company and the candidate, then there’s a high likelihood of long-term success.

Setting Milestones

Once you have a new candidate on board, be sure you set milestones for the individual and the team. These milestones help employees stay focused and motivated, and it’s an opportunity for you to show your appreciation for their hard work. Some examples of milestones are bonuses, vacations, and vestments. Milestones help to keep your employees engaged and happy.


Set goals for the employees and the team. It’s important for these goals to be achievable. Meeting goals helps keep the team motivated. When an employee hits a goal, share the good news with the team; the excitement is contagious and helps everyone stay motivated.

Your Most Important Asset

Happy employees are your company’s best asset. Find ways to keep them engaged and happy. Don’t put profit over people; encourage employees’ growth and praise their accomplishments. Whatever you do, don’t nitpick or micromanage; give them the freedom and space to do what they do best and they will reward the company with their accomplishments.

Attracting top talent is critical for your business and success. Be sure to differentiate yourself from your competitors. When you have found a good candidate, be sure to use the interview to establish clear mutual understanding. Once they’re hired, it’s important to keep them happy. Set milestones and goals, and remember that happy employees are your most important asset.

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