There are numerous advantages to working in the construction industry. Not only do many of the open positions come with above average salaries, some also don’t require a four-year degree. Whether you’re considering attending trade school or you’re looking for a new career path that has great benefits, here are some of the top of reasons to consider entering the construction field.

The Pay

While the pay varies depending on the level of experience you have, where you live, and other factors, there is a lot of room for growth in the field and construction salaries are generally high. The industry needs regular construction workers, as well as project managers, safety managers, project engineers, and estimators. Thus, there are many different career paths you can take. You might start off making $25 per hour but could end up making 6 figures within a few years. It also helps if you take a position that gives you union support.

Excellent Job Security

Because of the current shortage of skilled tradespeople, construction offers some of the best job security of any industry. Most commercial construction companies are looking for young professionals who want to learn the trade and want to form enduring working relationships with them. The construction industry is also growing faster than many other industries, so the labor shortage isn’t going away anytime soon. Chances are high you’ll be able to stay with a company for years to come and move into higher paying roles within the company.

You’ll Be Helping Your Community

Construction professionals take pride in the work they perform because they know it helps the community. It is easy to overlook how important construction really is. Construction experts build the offices where people work and the homes where they reside. They also build schools, hospitals, roads, and other infrastructure that is essential for a community to thrive.

Be Part of Something Enduring

One of the greatest aspects of the construction industry is that your work contributes to something that is enduring. You get to create buildings, infrastructure, and sustainable projects that help society function better. It is work that you can be proud of. Plus, some of the buildings you contribute to will still be standing long after you retire, so you will leave a long-lasting mark on the world.

As the industry continues to grow, now is the perfect time to consider starting a career in construction. Whether you’re looking for a career that will keep you active or you want a job that is reliable and pays well, the construction field has a lot to offer.

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