Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of working in construction outweigh the potential downsides of the industry.  Working in construction requires physical strength, determination and a strong work ethic yet the rewards are significantly greater than the sacrifices.

If you were to poll those who’ve spent years or decades working in construction, you would find the vast majority are quick to testify that this line of work is beneficial not only to oneself but also to the greater good of the collective.  Let’s take a quick look at the best reasons to consider a career in construction.

Why Working in Construction is a Net Positive

Experienced construction industry veterans are quick to point out that the industry’s pros are greater than the potential cons.  Though most people work in construction to pay the bills, there are also latent benefits of working in the industry.

Construction workers perform physical and mental labor that sharpens the mind as well as the body.  Ask construction workers about their physical fitness and you’ll find most are in tip-top shape without a gym membership.

Construction industry wages are rising as a result of the ongoing labor shortage.  However, as detailed below, the increase in financial compensation is only part of the reason why more people are considering working in this growing and dynamic industry.

Advancing the Greater Good is One of the Main Benefits of Working in Construction

Construction industry recruiters often point to the industry’s lesser-known benefits, including the building of structures that provide communal utility and the camaraderie enjoyed with fellow builders.  Add in the fact that construction workers enjoy sunlight and fresh air while getting paid and there is even more reason for job-seekers to consider open construction positions.

Create a T-chart similar to those used by accountants with the “Pros” and “Cons” of working in construction replacing the traditional “Debits” and “Credits”.   Analyze the pros compared to the cons of working in construction and you’ll find the benefits are greater in number and significance.

The Benefits of Working in Construction: Career Growth

Office employees often complain of insufficient opportunities for employment and promotions, especially in sectors outside of the tech sector.  Career growth is inherently limited in the following fields:

  • Office Administration
  • Education
  • Clerical
  • Childcare

In comparison, the construction industry is rife with opportunities for advancement.  Prove your worth by earning your keep at an entry-level construction industry job, and you’ll find a seemingly endless number of new opportunities, including lucrative promotions, in due time.

Part of the reason construction employment opportunities are booming is that nearly one-third of the sector’s workforce will transition to retirement within the next half-decade.  Fast forward to the start of the 2030s, and slightly more than 40% of the construction workforce will retire.

Lean on a construction recruiter for guidance in obtaining employment and it won’t take long to chart your career path.  Construction industry recruiters also lend invaluable assistance in climbing the industry ranks as time progresses.  Give construction work a chance, and you’ll agree the benefits of this growing industry cannot be denied.

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