For the remainder of 2020, many of the annual construction conferences will be held virtually. Below we’ll cover why you may want to attend a virtual conference, which construction conferences are moving online for the rest of 2020, and how you can get the most out of virtual commercial construction conferences.

Why Go Virtual

It makes sense many conferences have moved online given the ongoing pandemic we are experiencing. Conferences are large numbers of people in a crowded space. Another reason to cancel in-person conferences is because many people do not feel comfortable traveling right now. It is essential that we all do our part to limit the spread of the virus. Yet, even before COVID-19, virtual conferences had already become a trend because many industries including construction want more cost effective solutions to conventional gatherings.

Which Conferences Are Moving Online?

While there are many conferences moving online in 2020, here are a few that are most relevant to commercial construction.

  • The Construction Safety, Health, and Environmental Conference will run from July 14 through July 16. They will address safety and training practices.
  • The National Women in Construction conference has recently decided to hold their event virtually on August 12 through August 15.
  • The Building Innovation 2020 Conference and Expo will be held August 16 through August 19.
  • Autodesk University (along with all of their conferences for 2020) will occur on November 16 through November 19.
  • Numerous other conventions have their dates set for later in 2020 and are tentatively planned for in person yet are asking everyone to continue checking in with their websites for new updates for the possibility of going online.

Make the Most of Virtual Conferences

The key to making the most of a virtual conference is the same as it is for an in-person conference. You have to make yourself present. You don’t want to multitask during the conference, and you want to eliminate potential distractions. This way you can focus your whole attention on making connections and learning valuable information. Be sure to make personal connections with other convention attendees by trading contact info and LinkedIn profiles. Look for conferences and expos that are live instead of pre-recorded. You will have more opportunity to interact with other construction professionals this way and if you have questions, you’ll be able to have them answered in real-time. Ultimately, the more you engage yourself in the content presented at the conference, the more you will benefit from it.

While some conferences have decided to hold in-person events, many will switch to virtual this year because of the pandemic. Yet, as construction professionals, you can still benefit from attending these virtual events. If done right, virtual conferences can be excellent educational and networking opportunities, as well as an opportunity for career development.


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