Construction companies that focus on healthcare buildings have already experienced growth throughout the pandemic. This provides opportunities for those in search of competitive construction salaries, as well as for construction firms looking for projects to take on.

Moreover, it looks like these opportunities are continuing to surface for construction professionals.

How the Pandemic Affected Healthcare Construction

 While many industries faced a decline during the pandemic, healthcare construction companies found themselves facing the unparalleled potential for growth. Many hospitals suddenly found themselves in need of more space for overflow patients.

Healthcare facilities also needed to upgrade their existing spaces. At the very least, they were having construction firms install plexiglass shields.

Challenges as Well as Opportunities

 However, these opportunities from the pandemic also came with challenges. Health concerns were the primary challenge, especially in the early days before it was known how COVID could spread.

Another significant challenge was the rising cost of materials, combined with the supply chain issues. This made it difficult for construction firms to get the materials needed for the projects they have lined up. While this issue is becoming less of a problem, it is still a concern.

Healthcare Construction Continues to Grow as the Population Climbs and Ages

 The population in the United States is not only growing, but more people are reaching their elderly years. As these people age, they require more medical attention. This has increased the demand for medical facilities.

This trend of population growth and aging will be around for a while. As long as it is the case, there will be an increasing demand for healthcare construction. Some projects will build new facilities while others will expand or upgrade existing ones.

Construction Salaries Rise with the Demand

 As is the case for the construction industry as a whole, the demand for workers means that companies must offer competitive pay. This means that construction salaries for those in healthcare construction are highly competitive at the moment.

Companies will need to stand out and use creative measures such as recruiters to remain competitive and attract talent.

The Skilled Labor Crisis Continues

 To add to the demand for workers and high salaries, the construction industry still faces a labor shortage. Candidates with good leadership skills and experience stand out from the crowd.

Types of Construction Projects Have Changed

 While the demand for healthcare construction continues to grow, there have been some changes to the types of projects. More procedures are now done as outpatient procedures instead of inpatient ones. This means that facilities do not require as many beds and need to rethink their architecture and floorplans.


 The healthcare construction industry was already experiencing growth due to the aging population and population growth. The pandemic has only fueled the industry’s progress. These positive developments combined with the labor shortage mean that companies must stand out to attract construction talent.

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