One of the biggest challenges construction leadership has when it comes to winning over candidates is conveying a sense of stability. This is especially true if the candidate you’re after already has a job. Construction professionals are looking for job security, but construction work is unique in that it often involves relocation which can be daunting to a prospective candidate. Here are some tips to help hiring manager better convey a sense of stability when hiring.


Candidates are often more willing to relocate for the right job opportunity than hiring managers think. While it is true that some candidates will be attached to their current location, whether because of family or some other reason, others are willing to make a big move if they don’t think they can receive as good of a job opportunity locally. Some job hunters live in areas that either have minimal job vacancies or a high cost of living. Thus, they can recognize the benefits of moving to a different city. At the same time, few people are going to make such a big life change without believing the job they’ve accepted will provide them with stability. One way appeal to candidates who are willing to relocate is to provide cost-of-living context. This will help them envision the advantages of relocating to a new city. It also helps if you make the transition as easy as possible. Helpful benefits you can offer include flexible start dates, moving assistance, and temporary housing. These benefits will demonstrate that you are committed with working with the candidate for the long-haul.

Express the Security that the Company Offers in Detail

Job hunting is a hassle, so most people want to work for a company they can grow with. If they’re going to accept an offer, they need to feel like they will have job security. To convey the fact that your company can provide candidates with stability, share some of the company’s history and successes, discuss some of the company’s plans for the future, and make it clear that you are looking to hire some-one for a long-term position. Try to connect with the candidate on a personal level and make them feel comfortable. Of course, offering a strong compensation package and benefits also helps. Starting a new job is a major life change, so they need to feel secure about the company and the opportunity if they’re going to take the risk.

Changing jobs can be scary. The candidate doesn’t know what to expect and are likely worrying about job security because especially if they plan to relocate (and even if they aren’t). The more you are able to convey a sense of stability the better you will be at winning over talent.

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