Not everyone in the industry has the same construction career goals. Your professional goals might include anything from starting your own construction firm to climbing the corporate ladder to assume a construction leadership position. The best path to achieving your goals is by knowing how you might be sabotaging them right now. It’s normal to encounter some obstacles that are beyond your control along your career path. But there are some things that you have the power to stop. Here are some of the ways that you might be sabotaging your professional goals and what you should do instead.

1. Not Taking Risks

We like to settle into work routines that are most comfortable to us in an effort to minimize outside risks. The problem is that we miss 100% of the shots that we don’t take. Your confidence won’t grow if you refuse to accept new challenges. Don’t allow the fear of failure hold you back from achieving your professional goals.

2. Not Looking to Your Team for Help

There is nothing wrong with working alone on some projects, and we know that they can be very rewarding, still you can’t underestimate the power of team collaboration. Coworkers can be some of your best resources for motivation, inspiration, etc. Don’t hesitate to engage with those on your team on a regular basis to help improve overall productivity and creativity throughout the organization. Don’t get in the habit of not asking for help, or always being the loner. Construction professionals who collaborate well together, succeed together.

3. Not Gaining Feedback

The most successful construction careers are built on both positive and negative feedback. Being open to constructive criticism is only the first step. You could be sabotaging your career goals by not actively asking for feedback on a regular basis as well. It’s the only way to accurately narrow down the areas that you need to improve going forward. Start being more proactive about requesting feedback, rather than waiting around and being reactive.

4. Succumbing to Self-Doubt

Most of us can related to the dreaded “fear of failure.” Yet, focusing on your weaknesses is a choice that smothers your potential. You have the power to transform any self-doubt that you have into self-belief by embracing who you are and promoting positive change. It’s important to embody confident as well as humility in order to succeed in this industry.


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