The influx of Millennials into construction is changing dynamics in the industry. The changes are being felt in many aspects of construction companies and how they do business. Here’s a look at some of those evolving dynamics.

Mission & Vision

Young people entering the industry today have to be aligned with the company’s mission and vision. Millennials want more than just a job – they want to feel like they’re making some kind of positive change in the world. They want to feel like they’re part of something bigger. Millennials are more likely to join companies who have a clear and set goals toward that vision. Companies that show that they are concerned about more than just profit but are also looking to make a positive effect on society attract this younger wave of employees. More companies are adapting and getting involved in charities and volunteering in communities. Some construction companies allow a certain number of volunteer hours per month for employees to get involved with a charity of their choice.


In the current climate, there is more emphasis on getting the job done than being so structured about how it gets done. Companies are open to new ideas and innovative ways to solve problems. The industry is becoming more employee-friendly as they work harder to meet the needs of an evolving workforce. This is a win-win situation in a market where more young people are needed to replace a retiring generation.

Creative Benefits

Construction companies are getting creative in the benefits they offer their employees. Some companies offer a month long paid sabbatical leave after five years of employment. They want their employees to take that time to enjoy themselves and expand their horizons with the security of knowing they have their position when they return. They encourage their employees to use the opportunity to leave the country and don’t check in with work (really take the time off). Another creative benefit we see is companies who pay education costs for employees and their children.

Positions Well-Suited for Millennials

Certain positions seem particularly well-suited for Millennials since they are relationship-driven and require a tech savvy professional. Some of the older generation may be intimidated by new technology, and not readily embrace the change. While Millennials take it as second nature. Positions that might appeal to Millennials:

  • Preconstruction
  • Project Manager
  • Superintendent
  • Estimator (especially design-build/conceptual estimators)

Many of these positions require a four-year degree in construction and a collaborative mentality which seems to fit with many of the younger workers entering the field. The movement of Millennials into the industry is helping to solve the labor crisis in construction, and it’s changing the industry as a whole at the same time.

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