These days most office environments are a melting pot of different generations, cultures, and backgrounds. Sharing a workspace with others who have different values can be challenging. But in order to achieve your professional goals, you have to learn how to collaborate and succeed with your fellow construction colleagues. Achieving a cohesive work environment requires a certain amount of office etiquette. Here are some office etiquette tips.


There is a direct correlation between good construction leadership and having less gossip in the workplace. It’s easy to avoid when you follow these basic steps:

  • Don’t overshare at work. From marital issues to financial difficulties, rumors spread fast through the office.
  • Avoid office romance which can complicate work and possibly even be against company policy.
  • Stay cool, calm, and collected. You don’t want to be known as the hothead at work.
  • Observe the office dress code. Don’t give people the opportunity to talk about how strangely you are dressing at work.
  • Keep a low profile outside of work. Wild parties and oversharing on social media can be a recipe for disaster.

Strong Smells and Loud Music

Many people are sensitive, or allergic to strong scents of various colognes and perfumes so be mindful of that before dousing yourself with aftershave or a variety of personal care products. Even though there might be times when you have to eat lunch at your desk, you should be considerate of those around you by avoiding pungent foods containing onion, garlic, etc. And be sure to dispose of said food in the kitchen trash or some other trashcan than the immediate office. It’s also best to avoid distracting others by consuming your meal during standard lunch hours. Listening to loud music at your desk can also be off-putting. Find out what the company policy or culture dictates in these situations. It’s better to err toward the norms of the firm in this case.


While some positions may be better suited for wearing headphones and listening to music, you should use discretion before continually wearing headphones at work. If you’re working in a traditional office environment, it can give your coworkers the impression that you’re rude and unapproachable. It’s tempting to wear them when you want to minimize distractions, still there are much better ways to do that like hanging a do not disturb sign on your office, and simply informing people when you are available to chat with them at work. Some offices implement a “focus hour” or time block when interruptions are discouraged.

Sensitive Topics

Some places are better suited for discussing your opinions than others. It’s best to avoid sensitive topics are work. Don’t talk about politics or religion. Also don’t share detailed personal health problems, career aspirations, and family strife if you want to maintain a comfortable work environment. Be considerate of other points of view and people’s personal space. Don’t comment on people’s physical appearance or clothes – this could be perceived as inappropriate or even cross the line to harassment.

It’s a lot easier to get along with others when there’s mutual respect. Instead of spreading gossip, take the higher road by being a team player and encouraging to your fellow coworkers. It’s more important now than ever to remain cautious and considerate in the workplace.



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