It is very important for any industry to retain their employees for uninterrupted productivity, but it is more important in construction where retention rate is challenging. For every four workers leaving, only one new worker joins. The labor shortage has become a common problem which can upset production in a big way. Therefore, it is very crucial for construction leaders to study and implement these retention strategies to decrease the churn rate.

Positive Working Environment: Workers should feel like they’re part of the company right from the beginning, therefore, positive onboarding is very important. Workplace culture for new employees should be inviting. Management should be sensitive about language barriers and cultural diversity, which can be overcome by interpersonal training for existing workers.  Also, employing women and minorities can create a more inclusive environment. Management should also focus on improving the lives of workers by offering better imbursements, benefits, and perks.

Skills and Training: Most employees may come with some skills, but may need some training to gain mastery. Others may be unskilled and need extensive training. Therefore, it is important to provide ongoing trainings and professional development to all workers. This investment will not only improve the quality of their work, but also make them feel valued. When workers feel like they’re part of the company they don’t leave as easily.

Support and Mentoring: Many employees think that after initial orientation and onboarding, their employees are ready to work successfully. This may work in the short term, but every employee needs extra support and mentoring to understand their roles. They will be encouraged to grow in their own company instead of looking for other opportunities. Also, when new employees are mentored, they are not only learning but also providing a fresh perspective to the job.

Leadership Opportunities: Identify the leaders in your workforce and provide them with opportunities to further their careers. This will not only help to retain talented workers, but also encourage other workers to follow suit. This will create a culture of validating skills, and recognizing them with impetus to grow.

Constructive Feedback: Every employee wants to know how they are doing and what management thinks about them. Create a system where employees can be given a comprehensive review focusing on their positive work and tips for improvement. Make it a positive experience for employees which they look forward to.

Retaining employees in a construction company is an ongoing process which involves everyone on the team. This should be an important consideration right from the first interview.

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