Certain skills and experience set top recruiters apart from the rest. Understanding the difference between highly successful recruiters and other search professionals in the marketplace will help you make the best decision when retaining one. Here are several things that set great recruiters apart from good recruiters.

The Market

Great recruiters specialize in a particular niche. This specialization gives them a distinct advantage because they become experts in their market. Top recruiters have a high level of understanding in their market, often more than anyone else in the industry. They have a broad and in-depth knowledge of the industry and the current market trends. They often advise CEOs because they understand their business model, and can see things that even CEOs overlook. Executive search professionals are high-level consultants and market masters. They help with planning and show clients opportunities for growth that aren’t even on their radars, such as: entering new markets, and determining a realistic timeline to make an impact on a new market.

The Candidates

Market masters understand candidates and what motivates them. They know how to get a candidate to open up. They know what works, and the candidates they send to the client are qualified and hirable. They understand the difference between what’s on paper and reality when it comes to candidate resumes. Executive search consultants work closely with the client to co-create a presentation to make sure candidates have realistic expectations about the company. They understand how to brand a company to the candidate. When it comes to candidates, market masters are not just out there looking for low hanging fruit.

The Close

Executive search consultants know how to manage the process and pre-close the candidate. They’re proactive instead of reactive, which makes the closing process go smoothly. They’re able to articulate the process and manage expectations on both sides. They know how critical it is to have clarity, and be sure that everyone is on the same page during the final phase of the close. Once the offer is ready to accept, all the steps have already been taken so there is no misunderstanding, and everyone knows what to expect.

Top recruiters know their market because they specialize in a niche and have in-depth knowledge of that market. They understand what motivates candidates and how to get them to open up. And they know how to manage the process through the critical phases of the pre-close to make the close a smooth experience for everyone. Who wouldn’t want a top recruiter on their side?

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