Use LinkedIn to Effectively Attract Construction Jobs

//Use LinkedIn to Effectively Attract Construction Jobs

Use LinkedIn to Effectively Attract Construction Jobs

Most professionals know that LinkedIn is the premier professional network, but many construction professionals don’t realize that not having a LinkedIn profile can cause you to lose out on job opportunities. Just having a profile isn’t enough. You need an attractive one that stands out and effectively communicates what’s unique about you and the construction projects you’ve worked on. First and foremost, you want to have a profile that is up-to-date, as well as a photo that is current and professional. Here are some additional steps you can take to improve your LinkedIn profile and open yourself up to better opportunities.

How Do You Build a LinkedIn Profile?

For a construction professional, you should build your profile as if it were a resume. Instead of just listing job positions, organize your LinkedIn profile according to past projects. While you want to be just as clear in your writing as you would be on a resume, you have the opportunity to be more descriptive

Highlight Projects on Your Profile

While giving a description of the project and providing the dates is important, actually showcasing the project can make a big difference. You are not limited by page numbers, so you can elaborate and go into more detail about each project. You also want to consider high-quality photos of the projects, to go along with the listings. If potential employers like what they see, they are going to want you on their team.

Approach LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

LinkedIn is a great way to market yourself to recruiters, hiring managers, and potential employers. You have to consider how you want the outside world to view you. Your profile is a reflection of you and your work style. LinkedIn is not Facebook. Think before you post pictures and opinions. Avoid anything political or comedic. If the tone isn’t professional, do not post it. One way you can market yourself is to create a story out of your profile. Showcase your journey. You want the profile to be memorable because hiring managers often look through dozens of profiles.

Seek Out Recommendations

You want to get as many recommendations as you can from a range of people. You need a variety of clients, supervisors, and colleagues to recommend you. Potential employers are looking to see that you are liked by clients, co-workers, and supervisors alike. Thus, try to find a good balance. This will help you appear more credible to potential employers.

Become an Active Member

Join a variety of different construction industry groups that are relevant to your career ambitions and join in on conversations. This will help you make your presence on LinkedIn known. You want to consistently share updates and refresh the profile regularly. Employers will be able to tell if you made a profile and then ignored it.

Career development has changed so much in the last ten years. It seems harder than ever to stand out. You can’t rely on a polished resume sitting in your desk to land your dream job in construction. You have to use every tool that you have at your disposal. LinkedIn is one of the best tools you can use. And it’s right at your fingertips.

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