As companies and organizations reflect on the previous year’s successes and failures, they are considering ways to improve safety. In recent years, construction safety has advanced faster than ever before. Innovative new technology has allowed construction firms to address more safety concerns. In 2016, there were 991 workplace fatalities in the construction industry, most of which involved falls. In 2017, that number went down to 971. Construction firms are eager to see these numbers decrease even more, and improved safety measures can be just the thing to bring about that change. Here is a look at some of the construction safety improvements that are on the horizon for 2019.

More Focus on Mindfulness and Mental Health

One of the biggest concerns right now is that people are becoming more easily distracted, particularly by electronic devices. In fact, mindfulness and focus are a major safety concern in general. You will see many companies look more closely at the impact of mental health. Mental health has long been stigmatized, which prevents many people from seeking treatment. But excess stress, depression, and other mental health concerns can compromise the safety of an employee or their team members. Many workplaces are encouraging employees to exercise more, as this helps increase alertness.

More Focus on Safe Choices

Most construction firms are realizing that while technology can do a lot to help improve workplace safety, the most important elements of safety are the choices we make. This is the focus of Safety Week in 2019. Many firms will be educating employees on risk assessment and training them to take measures to prevent accidents from ever happening. Being aware and actively avoiding unsafe situations is the best way to improve workplace safety. Companies are also encouraging employees to share their safety stories on social media, as this is a great way to improve construction safety across the industry.

Planning and Time Management

One of the most common causes of construction site accidents is taking shortcuts. We want to get things done faster, so we don’t read labels carefully enough or buckle the seatbelt on the forklift. Often times, bad decisions are about poor planning and time management. In 2019, expect more emphasis on better planning. Oftentimes poor time management can sway people make unsafe choices.

2019 could be a very good year for the construction industry. Many expect there to be an increase in demand. There will also be many new employees entering the workplace. This will make safety training especially important.

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