The skilled labor crisis is motivating construction recruiters to work harder than ever before. We embrace this competitive environment and are driven by the mutually professional relationship and respect that we have for many of the companies throughout the industry. Yet, there are several tips we can share about the other things that keep us motivated to work hard to meet your hiring needs.

• Employers who are willing and able to sell to prospective candidates.

Recruiters enjoy providing candidates with opportunities to join exciting companies that are working on major projects around the globe. Hiring managers can help the process with their enthusiasm and willingness to sell their opportunity and company. In a lot of cases, a strong recruiter is the difference maker in landing the candidate. That said, the candidate must be interested in working for the hiring manager and be excited by the opportunity and the possibility of joining their team.

• Clients who have an urgent hiring need.

There may be no shortcuts, but the right search consultants will save your company both time and energy by searching, screening, qualifying, and presenting only those candidates who meet the predetermined requirements that you’ve established. We remain focused and decisive by striving to complete the entire hiring process in less than four weeks.

• Companies who offer great compensation and benefits packages.

Offering a good salary is an essential piece of the recruiting puzzle. Yet, a growing number of candidates also desire positions that offer creative benefits as well as education opportunities. Companies should focus on enabling employees to expand their skills through continuing education and training opportunities.

• Organizations with realistic job specifications.

A common mistake some companies make is that they embellish their job descriptions. It’s important to keep job specs as clear and true as possible to land and retain the best candidates.

• Employers with transparent and effective communication.

Timely communication is critical in the hiring process. Phone calls should be returned promptly and any communication involving changes in requirements, agenda to hire, and feedback after interviews should be made swiftly. Companies need to be decisive about progressing a candidate to another interview, making an offer, or eliminating them from consideration.

• Clients who are looking for exclusivity in their search.

It’s highly recommended to work with one very successful recruiter, then using multiple recruiters. Most recruiters today do not search. Their goal is to take on as many clients as possibly. This way when they find a candidate, there’s a greater chance to having several positions that fits them. The best search professionals should be able to articulate a very understandable search process, and then be able to present your exciting opportunity to each and every one of them. This will insure you that your message is getting out to the right people. It also assures that you’re not going to lose potential candidates because they are getting calls from numerous recruiters, with mixed messages about the opportunity. When this happens, it confuses the candidates, makes it appear that you’re desperate and have the best hirable candidates take a pass because they are worried about confidentiality. Those companies that partner exclusively with us will see the success of a proven process.

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