In the construction industry, having an effective hiring strategy is essential. The average hiring process takes over a month and can incur exorbitant costs. The cost of hiring a new employee goes up if you have an ineffective hiring process, especially if the new hire doesn’t stick around. Here are three signs you need help with your hiring process.

1. You’re Using the Same Job Descriptions You’ve Used for Years

If you’re still using the same job descriptions you used a decade ago, you won’t attract the right candidates. Hiring trends have changed. Your old job descriptions likely focus on experience, education, and skills. Businesses today also hire for cultural fit and potential. Moreover, roles change over time, so it is a good idea to reevaluate the responsibilities of each of your employees each year.

2. Your Interview Process Is Too Long

Many companies take their time interviewing candidates. Usually, it’s because they’ve made bad hiring decisions in the past and don’t want to make another mistake. You might have candidates interview with multiple people so leaders can collaborate on their hiring decision. While this seems like a smart strategy, it leads to a munch lengthier hiring process. The problem is the candidates you’re considering will be applying to other companies. You don’t want to miss out on top talent because you took too long to make a decision.

3. Retention is a Problem

Perhaps the biggest sign you need help with your hiring process is if you struggle to retain great employees. Onboarding is one of the most important aspects of any successful hiring strategy. Many new hires leave because the job isn’t what they expected or because they feel like outsiders. Onboarding should start during the interview phase, since it is never too early to start communicating clear expectations. Effective onboarding will ensure that you set clear expectations for your new employee, provide them with the training they need to thrive in their new role, and help foster a sense of belonging.

A smart hiring strategy is necessary if you want to attract and retain quality candidates that fit into your construction firm’s culture. Unfortunately, many companies have hiring processes that are long, overcomplicated, and ineffective. If you haven’t updated job descriptions in years, have an interview phase that takes too long, and struggle with retention, it’s time to reevaluate your hiring process.


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