What are competitive salaries in commercial construction? Read our exclusive report: the 2023 Construction Salary Survey.

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While the overall economy continues to recover, the construction industry remains in a favorable position. The demand for new construction projects and skilled talent continues to go higher. Despite the level of growth, the biggest concern for many construction executives continues to be bringing in the right people for the job. Employers need to know if their salary and benefits are competitive.

According to a recent Associated General Contractors survey, 75% of contractors anticipated increasing their headcount this year. At the same time, over 80% of respondents reported having difficulty filling key positions in their firm.

Brian’s data is generated from multiple industry and salary sources, as well as the real-time data he and his team gather, as the current industry-leading Construction Recruiter, and Billing Owner in the construction industry. He and his team recruit and interview in excess of 300 construction professionals on a weekly basis—predominately for multi-million-dollar construction projects.

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