Building and sustaining a profitable business is challenging regardless of the industry you’re in. Yet there are plenty of entrepreneurs who have succeeded and can serve as inspiration. Let’s consider the ventures of Richard Branson. After dropping out of high school, he went on to build eight separate billion-dollar companies across several different industries. Here are three surprising facts about success from Richard Branson.

1. Success Doesn’t Always Require a Degree

Too many people automatically assume that they will need to have a bachelors, masters, or doctorate to have any real chance of professional success. Richard Branson is just one of the many successful entrepreneurs in the world who proved you don’t always need to follow convention when starting a business. Granted, there are plenty of professions where a formal education is needed. But there are also many careers out there that don’t. In fact, that’s just one of the advantages associated with construction careers. While many roles in construction do require a degree, there are numerous opportunities available for young people to start work right out of high school and start earning a good living right away rather than accumulating debt for a college degree. Plus, there will always be some secrets that you can’t learn in business school. Richard Branson stresses the importance of making your own path instead of following others. He attributes much of his triumphs to taking risks, breaking some rules, and learning from his past failures.

2. Successful Companies Share “We” Cultures

Companies that maintain an “us vs. them” environment aren’t going to communicate well or work together toward the same goals. A good indicator of a solid team environment is when employees refer to themselves as “we” instead of “us.” Branson notes the importance of this type of work culture, and why any tension between employees and management needs to be addressed head on. Likewise, good construction leadership should encourage employees to openly express themselves and make important decisions.

3. Effective Communication is Still the Key to Success

Good listening skills are needed to succeed according to Branson. In addition to considering the opinions of others, you have to learn how to truly listen to yourself. From the news to social media, there are so many outside influences on a daily basis. Although it’s perfectly acceptable to ask trusted friends or family members for guidance along the way, you have to rely on your inner voice to make the most important decisions in your life.


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