A recent report by Global Talent Trends shows that half of businesses fail to provide an enjoyable employee experience. This is especially problematic in commercial construction where an ongoing talent shortage has made employee retention more important than ever before. Below are some tips for how to improve your employee experience
in your construction firm.

Provide the Right Technology Tools

When most people think about construction they think of working with your hands. They don’t think about technology. The majority of people alive today grew up in a time of rapid technological advancement. Professionals in all industries have come to expect the familiarity and the convenience that technology allows. If you want your employees to have a better work experience, give them more opportunity to work with innovative construction technology and tools. Most people don’t wants to work with outdated resources. Incorporating improved technology will also allow your team to work more efficiently, so it is a win-win.

Emphasize Communication

For your team to have a positive employee experience, they need to feel a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose. We live in a society where most communication happens behind a screen. It is easier for people to feel insignificant or isolated. Make the time to speak to your team face-to-face. Share with them successes in the company and communicate to them what the company goals are, as well as how their work is contributing to these goals and successes. Your employees will be happier if they know the work they do truly matters.

Streamline Administrative Tasks

One of the fastest way to alienate your employees is by having unnecessary red tape. They don’t want to talk on the phone for an hour every time they have to call in sick or request vacation time. They want to be able to do these simple tasks with the click of a button. Construction professionals, especially high performers who love the work they do, want to focus on their job. They don’t want to waste time jumping through hoops or dealing with bureaucracy.

Recognize Achievements

Work isn’t always going be fun. One way to create a more enjoyable employee experience is to consistently celebrate events and accomplishments, whether it’s a personal milestone like a wedding or a professional achievement. Your team likes when their hard work is acknowledged, and these celebrations will also help foster friendship among team members, which will also improve their experience as employees.

If you want to keep your employees happy and motivated, you need to create a company culture that provides them with an enjoyable employee experience. To start, incorporate more technology and resources into day-to-day operations, work on improving communication, streamline administrative tasks, and celebrate individual and team achievements.


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