As many workers from previous generations retire, leaders in the oil and gas construction industry are searching for new ways to recruit fresh talent. If you are wondering what steps you can take to attract professionals to the oil and gas construction industry, here are some tips to consider.

Setting Expectations

An important place to start with candidates and new hires is to set expectations early. Performance expectations should be transparent and established promptly upon hiring for any position. They should not only be attainable, but also include the basic functions of the position, the necessary qualifications, and desired skills of any prospective employees. Some additional ways for expectations to be emphasized include comprehensive employee orientation programs and regular review processes. Communicating objectives are important because they can improve overall performance, and attract talent to an oil and gas construction career.

Corporate Culture

Establishing a cultural fit is another way to ensure the longevity of a potential candidate. From treating workers like family to promoting an “open-door” policy, there are a variety of tactics employers can use to make it enjoyable for employees to come to work. A common mistake made by some managers in the oil and gas construction industry is that they only make themselves available to other leaders within the confines of a boardroom. An open-door policy can be a useful tool that encourages communication and feedback between leaders and their employees.


Providing flexibility—both formal and informal—is always key to attracting and keeping talented workers, especially in the construction trade. In some instances, simply treating employees as unique individuals is just the flexibility that’s needed. Gone are the days of sweeping, strict corporate policies that don’t account for real life experiences. Prospective construction employees want managers who are sensitive to both work and personal life matters. Research has even indicated that flexible work arrangements can reduce employee stress, negative spillover and improve work-life balance. From an employer standpoint, flexibility can enhance the recruitment of talented workers and increase retention, job satisfaction and overall profits.

Community Involvement

Another effective strategy for attracting talent is community involvement. Encouraging community service helps to establish a business in a positive light and proves that they stand for more than making a profit. Businesses that rally around those in need in the community form bonds that go beyond just corporate success. Some fun ways for businesses to get involved in their various communities include hosting charity events, endowing a scholarship, volunteering at a local non-profit, or donating to a food drive.

Taking proactive steps to attracting talent is critical in business. For new hires, nothing can be more frustrating than not knowing their job expectations. This can result in higher than anticipated turnover in the oil and gas construction field, so be sure to set expectations early. Having an open-door policy has also proven beneficial for attracting and retaining talent. And community involvement can be a wonderful tool for building both a brand and building the bonds between colleagues and the community.

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