If you’re in the process of selecting your choice candidate for a construction job, it’s likely that you’re eager to get started, yet there are many bridges to cross. How do you finalize the process, start off on a positive foot, and ensure your new hire’s eventual success? Here are 3 tips to help you navigate this transition.

Make the Process Your Top Priority

You’ll have much better odds of landing your ideal construction candidate if you make it a top priority. Establish a defined process that you follow step by step. Good communication is key, and timeliness is essential. Don’t leave a candidate hanging in limbo; get back to them with next steps and feedback. Build a strong connection so when you make an offer they’ll accept. And if you like someone, pull the trigger – don’t wait! With the current labor crisis, dragging your feet will likely mean losing your first choice.

  • Build rapport and practice good communication.
  • Follow-up quickly and give relevant feedback.
  • Don’t waste time!
  • Make a move when you find someone you like.

Be Proactive

The hiring process takes time and attention. It requires focus and input from leadership. Don’t wait until you’re desperate and have an urgent need for a construction estimator or project manager; hire employees before you need them. You’ll make more sound decisions if you don’t feel rushed. It’s also likely that whoever you hire will need to give at least a two-week notice, so you need to build that into your timeline.

  • Hire before you need someone.
  • If you’re desperate you’re more likely to settle or hire someone who’s unemployed.
  • Be proactive and hire someone to create more work/sell more projects.

A Solid Onboarding Process

Lastly, make sure you have a well-tested onboarding process. Start the relationship by being warm and welcoming. Show them you care by introducing them to everyone on the team. Make sure they feel comfortable in the company culture. You may want to pair them up with a “buddy” to help them get adjusted. Take them through the necessary training program and go over the processes and procedures they need to know in order to thrive. Start by putting new hires on a project with someone else before giving them their own project. Give them the best chance for success!

  • Train gradually, don’t overwhelm a new hire on day one.
  • Pair them with a buddy through the training program.
  • Don’t forget about them. Check in with their progress regularly!

Whether your firm specializes in healthcare construction, higher education construction, or some other niche, start by making sure your construction salaries are competitive. Make the hiring process a top priority, and be proactive – start hiring before you need new employees. Lastly, take your new hire through your time-tested onboarding process to acclimate them to the team, the culture, and the procedures they need to know in order to succeed!

Are you ready to build your dream team?

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