Although there may be a labor shortage in construction, candidates can’t afford to get complacent if they want to land their dream job. Don’t settle for the first job offer you get. Instead, use strategies to outsmart your competition and land the best offer. Here are five ways to outsmart your job-seeking competitors and land your dream job in commercial construction.


Talk to colleagues and former colleagues to get info about the company you are interested in. From coworkers to neighbors, the people you already know might have the connections needed to advance your career. Lean to make networking a natural extension of your daily life to make the most of your social connections.

Contact the Hiring Manager Directly

If you see a posting that you’re interested in, don’t just automatically send your resume to HR. Take some initiative to find out who’s in charge of hiring for that role. Reach out to the hiring manager directly, or reach out to someone you know at the company. Once you do that, you become a real person in their mind not just a paper resume. Let them know you don’t want to blast your resume out, you want to be confidential. Try to set up a lunch meeting or appointment to talk in person. By doing that, you’re not being judged by a piece of paper. The job description might describe a particular person. Use that information to develop your presentation around those qualities. Share your intangible qualities that can’t be seen by looking at a resume; traits such as drive and motivation. Showing your communication skills, drive, and attention to detail goes a lot further than listing them on a resume.

Do Your Due Diligence

Look on LinkedIn, the company’s website, and review any news publications written that spotlight the firm. Study the company, learn about the hiring manager, and look at the background of the people who work there. Where did the hiring manager go to school? What are their hobbies and what sports teams are they fans of? Look for any connections and leverage them to ensure that the HM remembers you over other candidates. If you’re connecting with a hiring manager on LinkedIn, make sure your profile is polished and current. Your profile background needs to match what they’re looking for. Once you have an interview secured, prepare for it like you would an exam! We’ll cover this extensively in a future blog.

Work with an Industry-Specific Recruiter

Work with a recruiter who understands your marketplace and is well known. Do your research; don’t just assume that the first recruiter’s name that comes up in Google has experience dealing with your industry. Dig beneath the surface and ask questions to get to know about your recruiter.

It’s worth the effort to outsmart your job-seeking competitors. Focus on making stronger connections with hiring managers by conducting extensive research prior to your interview with them. If you’re considering a move, partner with a seasoned construction recruiter with access to some of the best firms in the industry.



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