Making a good impression during a job interview is an essential step towards landing your ideal construction job. Once you have your interview scheduled, be sure you are ready to ace the opportunity and get the position. Don’t let nerves or lack of preparation hold you back. Here are 6 tips to make a great impression at your interview.

1. Review Your Experience

Prior to the interview, look over all your relevant experience and list your accomplishments. Break down how they relate to the company’s bottom line.

  • How did you make the company money?
  • How did you save the company money?
  • How did you improve processes or procedures for the company?
  • Use data or metrics to show specific outcomes.

2. Study the Company

Before you go in for the interview, get to know the company by reviewing their website and social media accounts.

  • Read over the LinkedIn profile of the person who will lead the interview.
  • Review the LinkedIn profile of the person people currently in the position and those who were in it previously.

3. Find Common Ground

Many hiring decisions are made because there is positive chemistry between the interviewers and the candidate. Managers hire those who they want to spend time with.

  • Connecting on a personal level during the interview will go a long way towards landing you the job.
  • Use your research to find common ground with the interviewer, such as similar hobbies or interests.

4. Find Out What They’re Looking For

There is so much ground to cover during an interview yet only a handful of issues are truly critical. Find out what those are.

  • Ask about the specific skills and outcomes they are looking for.
  • You could say “It’s very important for me if I make a change that I feel 100% confident that I’ll be successful. That said, what exactly are you looking for, for someone in this position”? When the hiring manager responds, you can refer to your accomplishments from tip #1.

5. Find Out About Their Concerns

Ask if they have any concerns about you. This is a great way to clear any potential obstacles. If they have any specific concerns, it’s best to address them now.

  • They may have a misconception about you that you can easily clear up.
  • Or if they express a valid concern, you can speak to it directly and minimize their worry. Be honest; if you truly feel confident in your ability, let them know. If it’s an issue you have overcome in your past experience, make that clear and let them know you’ll do what it takes to succeed in the position.

6. Let Them Know You’re Interested

The last step is to let them know that you want the position, if you truly do. By the end of the interview, you should know if it’s the construction job for you.

  • Show your enthusiasm.
  • Ask about next steps. Where do you go from here?

Follow these tips to make a great impression during your job interview. Be prepared, find common ground, and ask some essential questions to give yourself the optimal advantage. You’ll be ready to accept a fantastic offer.

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