Every construction firm struggles with building the best team. It is often difficult to determine the skills candidates have, as well as their enthusiasm and experience. But when the team is built well, it can spell the difference for your company.

When your company is ready to hire members for a larger project, here are a few things to consider that will prove beneficial to you.

  1. Keep a Proactive Company Culture

You need to keep a proactive company culture to attract the best candidates. This means offering competitive salaries and benefits to your employees, but it’s also so much more than that. It means throwing company picnics, having holiday parties, and organizing lunches on the boss. Set your company apart by keeping your company attractive and engaging.

  1. Always Recruit New Members

Whether planning an expansion or not, always be on the lookout for the next great candidate for your company. The best way to maintain a great team is to keep your hiring pool full. It is always better to have a potential candidate in the pipeline than to have to hire under pressure.

  1. Create a Great Job Posting

Be specific when you create your job posting. Make sure to list what you are hiring for and the specific skills you want your new hire to possess. This will increase the odds that you get the right candidate.

  1. Post Your Job in High Traffic Places

Don’t waste your time posting on boards that don’t get traffic. Make sure to utilize the best places like LinkedIn and Indeed to get to the largest pools of potential hires for entry-level positions.

  1. Keep Your Referrals Coming

Your existing team members are likely to know good construction workers. Referred candidates stay longer with a business than cold hires. Keep your referrals coming by offering your employees incentives for them.

  1. Consider Veterans

Veterans are an untapped resource and full of skills that are valuable to your company. Reach out to organizations that work with veterans and let them know what packages you are offering.

  1. Use Apprenticeships

One underused traditional hiring practice is the use of apprenticeships. When you need a skilled worker, the best solution is to train graduates. Consider having your company work with local trade schools to attract new talent.

  1. Hold Out for the Best

You won’t often get the exact candidate you need for the position you want to fill. You’re more likely to find someone with some but not all of your desired skills. When hiring for a mission-critical role, it is helpful to enlist the support of a recruiter.


With the above considerations in mind, your construction firm should find it easier to find the right talent. Having the right team will help for long-term projects and situations where you need temporary workers.

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