Most construction managers have so much on their plate they find it hard to maximize their time, especially since many construction firms are understaffed right now. These five strategies will help you become more productive, and, in the process, a better construction leader.

Establish a Routine

Productivity increases when you stick to a routine. When tasks become a habit, it is easier to maintain focus. Part of a successful routine should include a designated time to check and respond to emails and phone calls. If you constantly check messages, you won’t be concentrating on the tasks you need to complete. Tasks that are important, but distracting should be batched together in your routine.

Plan and Prepare the Night Before

Preparation is critical to productivity. You should make a plan the night before each workday. Prepare for meetings and other important work-related tasks during this time. It is also a good idea to plan other details of your day the night before and take the necessary steps to assure you are well-rested. You want to start the day ready to go so you’re not stressing yourself trying to get ready in the morning. You’ll have a much more productive day if you start on the right foot.

Rely on Your Support System

As a leader, you need supportive people around you to keep you focused. It doesn’t necessarily matter who your support system is as long as you trust them. It is a good idea to build connection with a diverse group of people. For example, you want your support system to include team members who have different experience levels and backgrounds as you. Your work ethic and productivity levels will both be improved if you have a support system you trust to hold you accountable.

Keep Track of Commitments in Writing

When you have a busy job, it is important to write down your responsibilities and to-do lists. If you don’t, you will waste time and energy trying to remember all the various things you need to accomplish. This will just make it even more difficult to focus on your tasks. By writing down your commitments, you clear your head so you can concentrate on the work you need to complete.

Get Some Exercise

Your physical and mental health play a crucial role in your ability to be productive. Just by exercising a little each day, you will improve your overall health, and, in the process, improve your focus and performance. Even just taking a long walk or a short jog will help.

You can’t be a great leader in construction if you can’t work productively. Staying prepared and organized, establishing a daily routine, surrounding yourself with supportive people, writing down your commitments, and daily exercise will help you become a more productive leader.


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