3/26/2018: Brian Binke Featured in Construction Today

It’s a good time to be involved with the construction industry. Members of Congress have been discussing legislation that could lead to spending $1.5 trillion on improving the country’s infrastructure. Candidates with the right skills will continue to be in high demand as a number of significant projects have been announced or are already underway. Heavy civil construction recruiters are partnering with relevant companies to find people who are skilled in building everything from roads and bridges to dams and sewers. Here are a few heavy civil construction projects from around the country.


Industry experts are predicting an increased demand for utilities to be moved underground due to the growing number of mass power outages around the world that are being caused by natural disasters. 2017 was a record-breaking year for hurricane damage with some regions like Puerto Rico still recovering. Storms like Hurricane Maria disrupted entire power grids, leaving many regions without power for months. Construction Dive interviewed an energy executive that said this can be alleviated by putting distribution power lines underground resulting in fewer power outages due to downed trees and branches. It can also help to eliminate other public safety issues, like the danger of electrocution from exposed live wires when power lines run under the ground.