One significant consequence of the pandemic is that people are spending more time at home. This means that there is an increased demand for new home construction when people can afford it.

Unfortunately, home listings are not that easy to find because of the slowdown in construction. This does appear to be turning around, and data from the U.S. Census Bureau even shows that the number of permits applications increased 14% this year.

Which Cities Are Dominating New Home Construction?

Some areas of the country are doing more construction projects and new home projects than others. Whether you are searching for a new construction project or just interested in industry trends, take a look at some of the cities that are seeing the most new home construction.

We’ve ranked the cities based on the number of new construction permits:

Dallas, Texas – 11,636 New Permits

Dallas has seen an impressive 23% increase in new permits since last year. The median list price for new homes is $373,267.

Dallas appeals to new homeowners thanks to its business-friendly climate, affordable housing, and range of jobs. It also helps that good construction leadership doesn’t have to fight through much red tape to build.

New York, NY – 9,097 New Permits

A large number of permits comes from the city’s vast size, as it only had a 2% increase in permits from last year. The median list price is $629,500.

The big struggle for new construction in NYC is finding land to build on, combined with the high prices. This has led to growth in the suburbs, at least while people are working from home. That may switch back to city-living as things return to normal.

Phoenix, AZ – 8,614 New Permits

Phoenix has a 9% one-year change in permits and a median list price of $469,500.

It has attracted retirees for years, and Californians who want better prices have recently started looking into it. The demand for construction estimators and other roles extends to the suburbs and nearby cities.

Washington, DC – 5,795 New Permits

Washington, DC, had an impressive 30% increase in permits since last year, and its median list price is $499,900.

The city’s main appeal is that there are so many job opportunities thanks to being the nation’s capital.

Atlanta, GA – 5,721 New Permits

Another city with a sizeable numeric increase but a slight percentage increase (just 1%), Atlanta has a median list price of $377,500.

A great deal of this construction is in the suburbs. Red tape keeps the figures down.

Los Angeles, CA – 5,306 New Permits

With a 7% growth in permits in the last year, Los Angeles has a median list price of $1,184,500.

A lot of the new construction is to replace homes that were destroyed in wildfires or other disasters. The strict zoning laws help keep the figures low.

Seattle, WA – 5,169 New Permits

Seattle has had a 38% one-year increase in permits, one of the highest figures in our rankings. Its median list price is $672,386.

Philadelphia, PA – 4,653 New Permits

Philadelphia has had a 52% increase in permits in just the last year, the largest on this list. The median list price is $329,900.

Charlotte, NC – 4,359 New Permits

Charlotte has a median list price of $386,450 and an 11% increase in permits.

Tampa, FL – 4,251 New Permits

Tampa has had a 24% increase in permits and has a $305,000 median list price.

Those searching for construction salaries and careers may want to consider looking for a job in one of the above cities or working with an expert recruiter who can place you.

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