Commercial construction is an exciting field with new innovations and projects being developed constantly. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up! Yet, staying up to date with the latest trends can help keep you in the loop of commercial construction market changes and geographic shifts. There are some exciting construction projects currently underway and being scheduled for 2020. Here are a few of the hot commercial construction trends this month.

New Regulations Require Bird-Friendly Material

A growing number of cities across the U.S. are exploring building materials and techniques to help prevent bird collisions. According to conservative estimates, approximately 100 million birds are killed each year from colliding with buildings. New York City is one of the first to pass legislation requiring bird-friendly materials on new construction and major alteration projects. Construction estimators will have to consider the new expenses from installing bird-safe materials like glass treated with ceramic frits, etchings or frosted patterns that encourage birds to fly around the buildings, while still providing transparency for humans. U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis has also faced scrutiny from bird advocates after a recent study showed that over 100 migrating songbirds are killed each year from colliding with the stadium’s glass. The study is still being reviewed, but Minnesota Audubon officials have suggested retrofitting the glass with an appropriate film to significantly reduce the collisions.

Apple Building New Campus in Austin, Texas

Another one of the best perks of construction careers is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved with billion-dollar projects like Apple’s new Austin, Texas campus. The 3-million-square-foot development will feature everything from solar power systems to a 50-acre nature preserve. Construction of the first building is expected to last up to three years. Slated to employ 5,000 the beginning, the new campus will eventually employee 15,000. Austin has quickly become a new tech center in the U.S. and this is only enhancing the reputation they’ve developed as a tech-friendly city.

Free-Standing E-sports Arena Planned for Philadelphia

As the popularity of competitive video gaming continues to rise, so does the demand to build venues for gamers and fans. Teams like the Philadelphia Fusion have outgrown traditional conference center spaces where they used to compete. In an effort to provide a unique game day experience for fans, Fusion ownership consulted with arena-focused firm Populous to design a modern facility with the space needed to accommodate 3,500 seats, large LED screens, sophisticated sound systems, cooling systems for all computers and monitors.

We expect construction salaries to remain competitive in many of these regions as firms focus on retaining and recruiting more up-and-coming talent. Stay tuned for more breaking news as 2019 concludes and we prepare for the new year.


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