As construction recruiters, we talk to candidates every day and learn exactly why they might be unhappy in their current role. For instance, if the organization doesn’t have good construction leadership, they’ll be open to new opportunities. Here are some of the most common complaints about bosses from our industry.

Poor Leadership

There are bad leaders in just about every industry to include this one. Rather than rising through the ranks based on what they know, some leaders got promoted based on who they know. A common complaint is that many managers simply don’t know how to lead. If your supervisor lacks sufficient leadership skills, then they won’t be able to provide you with the feedback you need to help you meet your professional goals. Or they will continue making promises and changing the goal posts. We only partner with reputable construction leaders who have experience and have emotional intelligence. An experienced construction recruiter will protect you from those ignorant leaders around the industry.

Talking Too Much

We hear about bosses who do all of the talking and very little listening. Some not only talk too much, but they also talk down to their employees. Leaders who don’t allow for your valuable input make it very difficult to advance in your career. Although you may consider moving on from this kind of position, here are a few tips that you can use to overcome this obstacle:

  • Email – Unless you require complicated instructions concerning a project, sending a text, email, etc. can be an effective way to deal with a talkative leader.
  • “Please pardon the interruption.” – Don’t be afraid to respectfully interrupt your boss when they get off track, just use this as a last resort.

No Feedback

Good construction leadership will recognize you for your achievements. Feedback is just one of the many things that are needed to motivate employees. But it needs to be specific and immediate in order to be effective. When people know how they are doing it can boost morale and productivity. Another common complaint is that many leaders fail to communicate what they expect from you. Some bosses are notorious for giving you the runaround and delaying your performance reviews.

As construction recruiters, we hear many complaints about managers. While you may not be actively looking for new opportunities, if you see traits of your boss listed here, we can help guide you on the next steps in your career. It’s important to have a manager with effective leadership skills, clear communication (active listening), and someone who offers timely feedback on your performance.


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