Finding the best leaders in the construction industry is more challenging due to the labor shortage. A majority of the top leaders are already working somewhere in the industry. Although the odds may be stacked against you, organizations that partner with recruiters are having more success because they know the qualities that separate great construction leaders from the others.

Clear Communication

It’s important for leaders to have clear and transparent communication. Since construction projects have so many different moving parts, project managers need to have effective communication to maintain ongoing collaboration between the field and office. These leaders need to make sure that everybody is on the same page while being spread out across locations. Great leaders are also able to reinforce morale and drive results by ensuring that workers understand all of their responsibilities.


Exceptional leaders also know how and when to delegate tasks. If you’re doing so much of the work that it’s bogging you down, you need to fine-you’re your delegation skills. Construction projects have deadlines that need to be met, so it’s important for leaders to choose different workers to perform specific activities or delegating individuals to oversee smaller portions of the overall project.

Problem Solving

No two construction projects are exactly the same. They all have their unique challenges and obstacles that are all but impossible to predict. From not having enough of the physical resources necessary to dealing with changing weather, there are many different variables that can affect the outcome of a project. But, having the right team of managers in place with advanced problem-solving skills is the best way to adapt and grow your company. They can even help train employees to handle unforeseen situations.

An Emphasis on Teamwork

Recruiting candidates that have all of the right skills is only the first step. Once you have a team of talented workers, then you’ll need to have great leaders who can create a “let’s-work-together” environment. Strong leaders aren’t afraid to spend extra time working alongside of their team members on a project. They are also great at soliciting feedback from their employees.

Realistic Expectations

Leaders who are passionate and set expectations that are realistic are often the most successful in this industry. They also tend to follow–up and make sure their team is meeting those goals. Effective construction teams do what needs to be done because they the expectations have already been established and they know they are capable of getting the job done right.

Finally, companies shouldn’t forget about recruiting leaders that are proficient in the advanced technology that many job sites rely on today. The industry continues to progress with an abundance of construction software to help get the job done. Leaders should be competent with remote management systems that are being used to help employees with job site challenges and making quick decisions. There’s also ERP software that makes communication and collaboration more efficient at all levels.


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