With an increase in overall awareness of our impact on the planet, it should come as no surprise that construction careers in green industries are in high demand. Not only are these careers already in high demand, but experts predict growth in construction recruiters looking to fill these roles.

Visualizing the Growing Demand for Construction Careers in Green Industry

There is a new Green Buildings Career Map that shows various job opportunities for those who want to build energy efficiency. This map should help with construction recruiting and the labor crisis. The team behind the project specifically says that it should help create a pipeline of employees. It will hopefully make the industry more accessible, something that is crucial as experts predict green construction will experience significant growth. The project exists thanks to a U.S. Department of Energy Building Technologies Office grant.

So far, the interactive map features 55 jobs spanning four sectors of the industry. It also has more than 300 routes that those looking to increase their construction careers can follow to advance in their careers. Thirty-two of the green jobs on the map are “new collar.” This means that construction recruiters do not need applicants to have a college degree to apply. Applicants only need to have a high school education.

The hope is that this interactive map will help job seekers as well as construction recruiters, training providers, and career counselors. Those currently in the field can also use it to find construction leadership opportunities and other ways to grow their skills.

Predicted Growth in Specific Green Construction Careers

To get a feel for the demand for green construction careers, consider a few construction careers with incredibly high expected growth.

Solar photovoltaic installers are among the green careers in construction with the largest future growth. This role involves installing and maintaining solar panels. Those solar panels then heat water or provide electricity. This role gives construction workers access to a range of job sites, including offices, residential properties, and more. As the demand for solar power increases, this job will likely increase as well. How high is the expected growth? Experts predict it will grow by 105 percent by 2026. Another report puts the estimated growth at 50.5 percent by 2029. That is a lower figure yet still very impressive.

There are several other construction roles included in the skilled labor crisis that focuses on eco-friendliness as well. For example, millwrights will likely see job growth of 6.9 percent by 2029. Also by 2029, experts predict environmental engineering technicians and technologists will grow by 7.5 percent. Construction managers should see 8.5 percent job growth by then, with an increasing focus on green projects.

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