Every established construction firm has an in-house HR team, who recruits local top talent to fill their open positions and support their long-term staffing strategies. While your HR team knows your company culture better than anyone, you can cast a wider net and attract more talent by working with a dedicated construction executive search firm.

Competition For Top Construction Talent Is Aggressive

Competition for top construction talent is more aggressive now than ever. Not only are we in an construction talent shortage, but the shortage is even greater when speaking of executive and management positions. This means innovative recruiting is required, because the talent you want is in-demand and most are gainfully employed. TBG knows how to engage this passive talent and their receptivity to exploring new employment options. We even know how to highlight the benefits of relocation for employment.

Cast A Wider, Yet Targeted Net

Even with LinkedIn and online job boards providing direct connections to hundreds or thousands of job seekers, a construction executive search firm has their finger on the pulse of industry trends. We understand the factors that will have the greatest impact on recruiting and hiring, including what factors make you appealing to your competitor’s top talent. This also means we understand what factors help you to retain your current construction management team.

Diversifying Your Construction Strategy

If your local market is booming, you may consider expanding and diversifying your areas of specialty. When you are ready to diversify, you will need tenured construction professionals, who can provide you with the expertise to thrive in your new niche. You may also search for a construction consultant, who can help you build a roadmap with actionable strategies and tactics to succeed in your new endeavor. The Birmingham Group can do both. We can even help you to refine your current strategies.

Time Saving Benefits

To source your key players for your dream team, recruiting construction management is time-intensive. Working with a recruiter, who specializes in both construction and executive search, can slash your recruiting budget. We will search, screen, qualify, and present you only with candidates who meet your in-depth criteria.

The Art Of Negotiation

Last, executive search firms excel when it comes to negotiating salary and benefits. This essential skill is required for winning over your passive management candidates. Even your most effective in-house recruiters may not be comfortable with executive hiring negotiations.

Let Us Help You Build Your Dream Team

The Birmingham Group is a nationwide construction executive search firm. Our goal is to do more than fill your open positions, but work as a dedicated partner to create a long-term people pipeline. We build dream teams, who are skilled and passionate about their area of specialty.

Reach out today to discuss how we can help you achieve your current staffing goals and create a long-term recruitment strategy that helps you attract and retain top talent. With the current labor shortage, our services have more impact now than ever!